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Technology in the Classroom

Elizabeth Hawley, EDU/301, October 1, 2012, Stephanie Koplitz Harty, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Hawley

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom
And let’s not forget about crayons...
Once upon a time, a pencil and paper were the hottest, happenin’ technology and EVERY teacher wanted them.
Today, kids are fundamentally different than the adults who teach them. Advanced technology is natural to kids, because they grew up in a world of ever-increasing technology. SmartBoards and Promethean Boards are excellent tools for teachers.
These electronic devices encourage research and word processing skills, higher order thinking and in shared projects, fosters a sense of collaboration in peer to peer and teacher/student interactions.
Other wonderful technology for students would be interactive devices like computers, tablets, and iPads with Apple tv.
Elizabeth Hawley
October 1, 2012
Stephanie Koplitz Harty, Ph. D.

Pencil, paper and crayons are the first tools of technology a teacher will use with elementary students. Although these items are inexpensive, they hold intrinsic value to a teacher. Visually, they represent learned knowledge, creativity, and potential.
What is important when determining technology for the classroom?
Simplicity in use
Readily Accessible for students & teachers
Multi-Dimensional for varied learning styles
YES! Pencils, paper and crayons are simple to use, cost-effective, useful for almost every student and learning style.

Additionally, this technology can be managed during any lessons involving writing or creative arts. In my future classroom, it is important to me to provide simple ways in which students can succeed; learning the effective use of writing implements will last a lifetime.
But do these items fit the criteria for useful technology in current classrooms?
Most school classrooms are not reflective of a student's home level of visual and virtual technology. An enormous disparity exists between the technology in an average student’s home versus the educational environment of an average American classroom.
So do these tools of technology meet the requirements for useful technology in current classrooms?
SmartBoards and Promethean Boards are a relatively new technology that replaced chalkboards or whiteboards. Using a computer, teachers today are able to provide a more interactive, visual, learning experience for students.
I vote yes!

But realistically, SmartBoards and Promethean Boards are cost prohibitive for some schools; however, there are grants available for innovative teachers seeking money for technology. These boards are relatively simple to use, engage students and offer multiple ways to connect with varied learning styles.
In my future classroom, I would use a SmartBoard or Promethean Board to streamline lesson plans, engage students with interactive games and websites, present videos - or even create them!
Are these effective tools for a classroom?
Absolutely! Schools or teachers may seek grant funds to buy these items on a larger scale, which makes them less cost prohibitive. Most of them require little training for students and while they provide opportunity for increased responsibility for students, the successful use of these items brings a sense of accomplishment in learning new skills
Managing these items in my future class would involve training (to some degree) and structure to integrate lessons. I perceive that I could use these items either to reinforce instruction or as a tool during instruction to convey various multimedia projects.
A flash drive is a wonderful tool to transport documents, images, reports or even research from one multimedia device to another.
Flash drives are an excellent way to carry a huge amount of information in a very tiny gadget...but are they an effective tool for a classroom?
Yes! Flash drives are cost-effective (about $10 for a 4Gig) and useful for every student utilizing computer systems.
Management of these devices are simple and student ownership is easy: students can buy them or teachers and/or school libraries can loan them out.
The internet is a wonderful tool for teachers to find website resources for research, videos, lesson plans, games, and tools. There are websites for practically any subject or topic, from history and math to bullying. The internet can change a classroom into a global environment with a click of the mouse.
Scholastic.com's Top 25 Websites
1. Best for Young Readers - scholastic.com/stacks
2. Best for Lesson Plans - thinkfinity.org
3. Best for Finding Books - bookwizard.scholastic.com
4. Best for Craft Projects - crayola.com/educators
5. Best for Writing - educationnorthwest.org/traits
6. Best Online Dictionary - wordsmyth.net
7. Best Math games - nlvm.usu.edu
8. Best for Geography - earth.google.com
9. Best for History - free.ed.gov
10. Best for Science - nsta.org
11. Best for Middle School - figment.com
12. Best for Virtual Trips - smithsonianeducation.org
13. Best Web 2.0 Tool - edu.glogster.com
14. Best for the IWB - exchange.smarttech.com
15. Best for IWB Newbies - prometheanplanet.com
16. Best for Wiki Help - wikisineducation.wetpaint.com
17. Best for Video Clips - teachertube.com
18. Best for Moviemaking - xtranormal.com
19. Best Standards Help - corestandards.org
20. Best for Tough Topics - tolerance.org
21. Best PD On the Go - learner.org
22. Best For Your Career - nea.org
23. Best for Inspiration - blogs.scholastic.com/top_teaching
24. Best Reality Check - itsnotallflowersandsausages.blogspot.com
25. Best for Teacher Giveaways - facebook.com/scholasticteachers
But again, does this type of technology benefit a classroom, specifically, my future classroom?
Utilizing this type of technology benefits teachers and students alike. Management of this technology can be tricky, as teachers must evaluate and determine appropriate material in the context of lesson planning, standards, and objectives.
In conclusion, my technology
goals are simple.

For any type of technology to be effective, I believe it must simple to use, have easy accessibility, be cost-effective, and be able to be used not only by me but also my students.

From writing implements, SmartBoards, electronic devices, websites and more, my plan is to evaluate and incorporate technology that works for me and my classroom.
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