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Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

This is a presentation of my personal learning environment!

Vlad Vasilca

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Learning Environment! Not if we take a closer look! My Personal Ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Vlad, I am a first year Pharmacology student at the University of Leeds
and it is with great pleasure
that I introduce you to... Learning Environment! First things first and I don't think I'm wrong when I'm saying that it all starts with... Looks a bit complicated, doesn't it? What started as two PhD students' research project in January 1996 is now today's most popular search engine.
Google is my favourite way to find out almost any information in the blink of an eye. However, not all webpages found by Google offer reliable information... ...therefore, when I'm doing academic writing, I always crosscheck what I find with the next resource in my presentation... University VLE ...the University Virtual Learning Environment is my main go-to source when it comes to revision and personal study. Why? Mainly because it contains 100% reliable information! Home to all of the modules I'm attending... ...the organisations I'm part of... ...and all of the course-relevant announcements... But whether it's just a definition I'm looking for... ...an explanation to a natural phenomenon...
(i.e. volcanic ash clouds anyone?) ...or even the names of the members of my favourite bands... has never disappointed me once! However, it's still a wiki that just about anyone can edit and therefore, it may contain false information! So when it comes to university work I use either the VLE, books from the university library or I might even use... Now, Medpedia has in fact disappointed me more than once, because it doesn't have pages on every subject listed in its index, which I find rather annoying... However, when you do happen to find what you are looking for on Medpedia... You can be sure it's much more detailed and reliable than what you would find on Wikipedia, for instance. Yep, I agree to that! Well, I guess this concludes my presentation. I hope you had as much fun viewing it as I had creating it. My thanks go to Mr. Terry McAndrew for showing us this lovely new way of making presentations. And before I finish, I want to show you my real learning environment as well. Thanks again for your time!
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