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Moonshadow: Eye Of The Beast

A prezi I made for an English Class (11/06/2013)

Blane Zemunik

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Moonshadow: Eye Of The Beast

Eye Of The Beast

Name: (Originally Nanashi (No Name) Moonshadow

Age: Unknown, Youngest in the Grey Light Order

Gender: Male

Race: Asian (Japanese)

Occupation (Job): He is a ninja of the Grey Light Order who serve the Shogun of Japan

Enemy In The First Book: Silver Wolf, an old warrior who wish for a war in him to be crowned Shogun

Teachers: Groundspider
The Setting
This novel takes place in Japan, during the Edo period, this is when the shogun was around, it was between 1603 and 1868, it was a time when peace could be broken at any moment and a war could start, that is what the Grey Light Order is for to stop from happening. The main part of the book is in a castle or fort, Moonshadow is sent to steal plans for a fully automatic gun, he is sent there so that Silver Wolf can't start a war and control all of Japan.
The Setting
Moonshadow's Skills
Since Moonshadow is a ninja, he possess many skills, most of them involve being silent and deadly he also has to be skilful in sword art he is also able to see through animal’s eyes. A skill that only the Grey Light Order knows.
Moonshadow's Skills
The Main Events
He starts his final exam

He sleeps for 2 days

He wakes up and over hears how
important his first mission is

He leaves for his first mission

He spends a few days traveling

Save's an innocent group of farmers

Makes his assault on the castle/fortress
Main Plot
The Main Plot
The main plot is all about Moonshadows
first mission. He is trying to steal plans from Silver Wolf (Main Enemy). These plans contain information on how to build a gun that doesn't need to reload after a single shot. (I assume it is one of the first machine guns) He also runs into a mysterious woman who is also a ninja hired to steal the same plans.
(Yet to finish book)
By Blane Zemunik
Cat That Follows Him
Ninja Sword He Uses
Book Front Cover
Author: Simon Higgins
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