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Book Report

DJ Searcy A3

DJ Searcy

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Book Report

Into The Wild By: Jon Krakauer This is the true story of a well off kid who decides to live in the wilderness Our boy's name is chris Mccandless. Born into an average household, Chris was always a dreamer. He did what he could to please his parents growing up. Schoolwork, sports, and even graduated from a University. Then one day he decided he was going to live his dreams. e One of his favorite authors was Jack london. He studied his books like a devout christian would the bible. He survived in Desert, forest, and mountain. He Met his defeat in the AlaskaN Tundra. DJ Searcy A3 The Author did a good job of trying to analyze Chris with the help of the Mccandless family and other loved ones. He then compaired them to other people just like him who left society and lived in the wild. Most of which turned up dead. The topic was great, but the author could have cut out a lot of unnecesary material to keep the book from becoming boring. Maybe I just like history, but I would have liked to have seen more facts and less opinion. Chris McCandless wasn't a weird guy. I have thought of living off the land. It is exciting. Pushes you to the very breaking point. The End
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