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Word Problems

No description

Joseph Schuch

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Word Problems

10 bananas X 50 grams=500 grams
I bought 10 bananas. Each banana weighed
50 grams. If the price for bananas was $6.50
per kilogram, how much did I pay?
Word Problem 1
A box containing 4 identical books weighs 5kg.
If the weight of the box is 600g, what is the
weight of each book?

Word Problem 2
Tina went to the store to buy three liters of
orange juice for a party. The store only sold
orange juice in 250ml cartons. How many
250ml cartons did Tina need to buy?
Word problem 3
Word Problems
By: Joseph
Sarah bought a 5kg bag of cherries at the
market and ate 175g of them on the way
home. How many grams of cherries did
Sarah have left by the time she got home?
Word Problem 4
Thank you
500 grams is 1/2 of 1 kg
1 kg is $6.50
1/2 of $6.50 is $3.25
10 bananas cost $3.25
5 kg = 5,000 grams
5,000 - 600 = 4,400 grams. That is the weight of all of the books.
4,400/4 = 1,100 grams
Each book is 1,100 grams.
1 liter = 1,000 ml.
1,000 ml X 3 = 3,000 ml that Tina needs to buy
3,000/250 = 12
Tina needs to buy 12 cartons.
5kg = 5,000g
5,000g - 175g = 4,825g
Sarah had 4,825g of the cherries left.
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