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chantal brennan

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Christmas

Origin: The Origin of Christmas in Australia goes all the way back to 1788 brought to Australia by the first European settlers who were missing their families and their traditions they had of Christmas. They first celebrated Christmas in Sydney Cove .
Australians have since made Christmas Day a great Summer Tradition.

Food: Traditionally the main Christmas meal is still similar to Europeans being roast meat with roast veggies, followed by a steamed Christmas fruit pudding and pavlova. However being summer in Australia we have added all our own favorites including salads, ham, chicken, beef, prawns, seafood, BBQ, fresh fruit, cold custard, ice cream.

Symbols of Christmas: Australia has lots of different symbols of Christmas such as putting up Christmas trees in their homes and towns. The trees are covered in fairy lights with a star on top. Most houses in Australia also decorate the outside of their house for people to come look at. Australia uses figures surrounding the season; Santa Clause and the traditional nativity scene.

Traditions: Traditions in Australia start from decorating their Christmas trees while listening to Christmas music,attending carol services with their family and friends and presents under the tree. On Christmas day gifts are given to family followed by a huge feast of food all together then everyone ussually sits around relaxing and catching up from the year. Christmas being in summer in Australia there is often a game of cricket in the afternoon.

Origin: Christmas in Germany started out as a church day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Today this is still the reason for many but it has become more of a day for family (Vistawide, 2014).

Food: Lebkuchen (gingerbread), Dresdner Stollen (fruitcake) and Glühwein (Hot mulled wine) are all enjoyed by Germans over the Christmas season. Goose is the traditional meat for the Christmas day meal (Vistawide, 2014).

Symblols: The advent calendar symbolises Christmas and was created in Germany. The Advent wreath has four candles on it and one is lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas. Like most other countries the Germans also put up a Tannenbaum (Christmas tree) and this is traditionally done on Christmas Eve (Vistawide, 2014).

Traditions: One of the German traditions is markets. These are called the Weihnachtsmarkt and are held in many towns and feature stalls, food and entertainment. This is where people traditionally bought their Christmas items. Children in Germany receive presents either on Christmas Eve or Christmas day however they also celebrate a day to commemorate Saint Nicolas on December the 5th (Vistawide, 2014).

1. Who is the author?
2. What is the motivation of the author?
3. Date it was written & is it current?
4. Is there contact information?
Australia Christmas Flowers
Origin of Christmas
Foods of Christmas
Traditions of Christmas
Symbols of Christmas
Origins: The origins of Christmas in Hungary can be traced to the pre-Christian era around 1000 AD. The celebration begins the first Sunday after November 30 and lasts for 28 days. Over the last few decades many of the old traditions have disappeared, however, some remain in rural villages.

Food: A traditional christmas meal consists of fish soup made with river carp, cabbage rolls, poppy seed cakes (markos) and gingerbread cookies. The season is toasted with apricot brandy (palinka).

Symbols: Christmas trees are decorated with sweets in brightly coloured foil. Candles, sparklers and angels are essential decorations. In the streets, there are nativity plays and carol singers.

Traditions: Families gather together on the 24th to decorate the christmas tree and exchange gifts. You will not see a christmas tree before the the 24th. Visitors will call in to join the festivities until midnight when the more devout will attend midnight mass. Santa (Mikulas) comes on the 6th of December. On the night of the 5th, children leave their polished boots in their bedroom window. If they have been good, their boots are filled with treats, toys and books. If they have been naughtly, their boots are filled with dry twigs.


Christmas, for many people all over the world is a special time for family, friends and food. This presentation will take you on a short journey to discover how people from England, Australia, Germany & Hungary celebrate Christmas.
Checklist for credibility
Table set for a Christmas meal.
Decorated coal fire
lights in regent street, London
traditional Christmas pudding
christmas tree in covent garden london
Decorated hall in covent garden london
Winter wonderland London
Lights in elmer street London
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Roast Chicken
Roast Ham
Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW,
2013 Christmas Day
The Austrlian Christmas
Melbourne, VIC,
Christmas Carols 2013
Sydney, NSW, Town
Square Christmas
The author of the Vistawide website is a German professor who has a M.A. and Ph.D. in German Language and Literature and he developed this website with the goal to educate people on languages and culture. It is current, copyrighted in 2014 and while it doesn’t have contact information you are able to make contact via the website.
The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society's mission is to preserve the culture and the history of Hungarians, so that present and future generations can draw upon it's collections for education inspiration and enrichment. To the society sponsors education and research activities and operates a museum and library for all things historical and artistic.

The page was last updated 16/4/2012,however, information contained in it is of a historic nature. The site has a current events calendar, street address, email , phone and fax numbers.
Origin: Christmas in England emerged in 598A.D. St Augustine arrived in England on 25th December to preach Christian doctrines. In 1645, Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas for its pagan roots. In 1660 King Charles II restored Christmas again. The celebration is about the birth of Jesus but most celebrate the image of family. (christmascarnivals, 2011)

Food: Roast turkey is the main meat along with roast vegetables, nutty stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon and sauces. For desert Christmas pudding, mince pies and trifle with brandy sauce. (resources.woodlands, 2013)

Symbols of Christmas: Symbols celebrated in England are holly trees and mistletoe bush. Small lights, candles and Figures surrounding the season such as Santa Claus, baby Jesus, and other characters. The robin red breast (small bird), is seen as a symbol on Christmas cards and wrapping paper. (timeanddate, 2014)

Traditions: England's traditions include mumming (acting out Christmas plays with masks), Listening to Christmas carols around the fire, decorating the tree with lights, chocolates, symbols and also hanging evergreen. Gifts, a feast and time with family are also tradition. (thehistoryofchristmas, 2014)

Timeanddate’s author Steffen Thorsen created the site to provide time and date related information. This site is copyrighted from 1995-2014 and shows contact information via email, phone and address.

Christmascarnivals was developed by Compare Infobase Limited and aims to give information about Christmas. This site has a copyright of 1991-2011 and has contact through email.

thehistoryofchristmas doesn’t share an author or the motivation of the site but shows credibility as it has a 2014 copyright and shows matching dates of historical events from the timeanddate site. There is contact through email.

Resourceswoodlands author Mandy Barrow’s goal is to educate people about Christmas. The site has a 2013 copyright sign and contact through email.

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Why Christmas Author is James Cooper a web designer from the UK. The page was originally created for school aged children as the websight is Ad free. why cristmas is is copyrighted from 2000-2013. There is a contact email form and email address.

Time and Date is a free website for people to access related information. It is a private company owned by Steffen Thorsen in Norway. The site is copyrighted from 1995-2014.
There is contact information via email, fax, postage, and other websights owned by time and date.
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4. Mulled Wine
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7. Christman Cookies
8. Christmas Cuisine
1. German Gingerbread House
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Nativity Players
Fish Soup
Advent Wreath with Candles
Gifts from Mikulas
Szechenyi Square
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