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Broken chain

No description

berenice torres

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Broken chain

Broken Chain The Broken Chain was about a teenage boy named Alfonso. one day Alfonso sat on his porch trying to push his crooked teeth straight . he didn't like the way he looked. Alfonso also wanted to have cuts on his body [six pack]. Then one day he was riding his bike and he passed his old school John Burroughs Elementary and he saw a kid hanging upside down from the top of a barbed wire fence , with a girl looking at him. He helped the boy get down from the fence then the boys sister which was Alfonso's age the they talked and they are supposed to meet to go on a bike ride but the his bike's chain breaks and he is mad with his brother Ernie and he wont let him use his bike so he finds him self in a tight situation
-Berenice Torres
The conflict in the story 'The Broken Chain' is when Alfonso couldn't figure out how him and Sandra were gonna ride bikes when he only had one bike and his brother Ernie wouldn't let him use his bike. The conflict is believable because things like that happen in real life. The problem was solved in a satisfactory manner because in the end they just rode one bike together.-Dominique The author's use of character in the book is is a teenager. The seting is a normal family in a neighborhood. The characters are believable because its like true life. Yeah, because it explains stuff really good. Yeah he does make the character believeble, cause its like true life.-Estephanie Conflict Recommendations I think everyone should read this book because its shows caring,love,and friendship. Thats why i would recommend this book to friends. Because friends show love and caring for each other.-Tiffany Arthur Character and Setting Summary
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