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Somali Civil War

No description

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Somali Civil War

Somali Former President
Siad Barre
My father Now is the Mp( Member of parliament) of Somalia. He goes back and forth to from Minneapolis to Somali and occasionally stops at Dubai. My grandmother and some family members live there. Also because we own a cargo ship there and a regular cloths store. My father takes risks on going to the very place where there is a war. There are many personal things he has witnessed there, but why risk everything? To fight for what you believe in. My father is a politician and he is helping his country.
The war in Somalia has been going on since 1991 and in some places it ended but till this day there are people still fighting for the country and starving in Africa. The war started because of tribalism. Also they wanted to over throw there dictator Siad Barre. People were going around saying my tribe is better than yours. Until today the Somali community fight about tribes here in Minnesota. People are racist in there own Community to there own people because of your tribes. I don't care about tribes and if someone asks me what tribe are you I say " I'm Somali".
Mohamed Siad Barre was the former president of Somalia and dictator. Barre was forced to flee the capital of mogadishu by opponents of his regime and clan members. He didn't give up his ambition of recapturing the city for many months. but, confronted by a vengeful Somali militia, and alarmed by disagreements between his own family and supporters, Siad eventually fled to Kenya.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Somali Before
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Personal History Interview
My father, Mohamed Ahmed Keynan grew up in Mogadishu Somali. Before the war he remembered going to the movies with his friends and playing outside with no harm done to them. My uncles and aunts and my dad used to go to Dugsi and school everyday except Fridays because Friday is a holy day. They would go to school in the morning and Dugsi in the afternoon. My father Mohamed would also go and help out at his mothers store. He was a very social boy. He would play football( Soccer) with his friends and they would go swimming. Life went on until he married my mother. My dad and my mom used to live in the same neighborhood. They would see each other once in a while and my mother would always come around. They were friends and my father would always give her gifts. Once they got married the stayed a while and had my older brother Abduallahi. Than they moved to Kenya for 1 year and stayed as a refugee and my sister Asma , After that they moved to California for 5 years and had my two sisters Sumaya and Sawda. After that they moved to the land of 10,000 lakes and had me and my brother Yunis which is where we live until today.
Somali Civil War
http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/ archive/2008/12/timeline-somalia-1991-2008/307190/
My Dad!!!!!

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