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Annie W. Goodrich

No description

Sarah Cornelius

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Annie W. Goodrich

Annie Warburton Goodrich
"A crusader and diplomat among nurses"

Early Life
-Born February 6, 1866 in New Brunswick, New Jersey

-Second of seven children

-Father was an insurance executive and mother stayed at home

-Graduated from New York Hospital's Training School for Nurses in 1892

Goodrich went on to do great things...
-Spent 7 years at a post graduate hospital
-Administered to nursing services and schools at St.Luke's Hospital, New York Hospital, and Bellevue Hospital
-Became inspector of nurse training school in New York(1910)
-Became director of the Visiting Nurse Service at Henry Street Settlement in New York
-Served as inspector of army hospitals in the US after WWI

-Goodrich's passion for improving nursing education began when she witnessed an untrained nurse attend her own family

-Nurses needed a general education and scientific background to develop skill and compassion (created trust)

-Goodrich did not even like sickness and death!

-She found the need to support herself plus women were lacking job opportunities of the time (supporter of women's suffrage)

-Leadership in education was #1

-First dean of Yale University School of Nursing

- Changed degree requirements in 1932 (baccalaureate as minimum requirement for admission and master's degree option in nursing)

-Gave classes, made graduation from high school a requirement to study nursing

-introduced idea of graduation ceremony on June 8, 1901

Change to Nursing
-Introduced nursing to the university

-Then introduced preventative medicine and community nursing courses

-Overall, Goodrich changed the way nurses were being taught

Affect on Modern Nursing
-Goodrich changed the fact that nurses were assigned into a specific duty for all patients on a specific hospital floor

-Instead, she brought about the idea that nurses were to perform complete care upon a small group

-Working and educational environment of nurses improved and patient care was revolutionized for the better

Annie Goodrich made a Lasting Impact
-Nursing schools and the nursing career were forever changed

-Taught nurses, revolutionized curriculum, and represented an intro into primary-care nursing

-Goodrich received various awards and medals of honor including the Master of Arts from Yale in 1923

-She retired to her home in Colchester, Connecticut and continued to be a lively speaker and consultant for nursing education
-Goodrich passed away on December 31, 1934 after an illness and is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford

-She continues the impact of knowledge as being #1 in nursing

-Annie W. Goodrich Professorship at Yale represents reminder of its first dean
-Goodrich had a demand for high standards and will always remain a lasting impact
"The concepts of today will determine in great measure the attitudes and ideas of coming generations."

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