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japenese mafia

Caelen Philips

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Yakuza

Yakuza Japenese Mafia What is the presumed orgin,century of establishment,numbers of members,different clans,and types of criminal activity? What is the Yakuzas presumed orgin,century of establishment,how many members,what clans are there Works Cited "Yakuza." Wikipedia.<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/yakuza>.13Apr.2010 1 "YakuzaThe Japenese Mafia."Roadjunky.<http://roadjunky.com/guide/418/yakuza-japenese-mafia.16Apr.2010
2 "japenese Yakuza."Christopher Altman.<http://Altman casimirinstitute.net/yakuza html>.16Apr.2010 3
Yakuza customs and rituals Yakuza are a diverse group of gang members the Yakuza are one of the oldest gangs in the world (if not the oldest).Yakuza have rituals and practices like cults or other gangs. The practices of the Yakuza may seem strange or bizzare some have been shown in movies. One of the most famous rituals is Yubitsume.cutting off of one finger as a form of pennance or sorrow for one actions. Upon a first offense the offender must cut off the tip of his left little pinky. Then he must hand the severed portion to his boss. They chose the pinky because it is considered the strongest while holding a sword. On a rare occassion a underboss may put this upon himself to save a member of his personal gang from punishment. One of the most bizzare practices is pearling sometimes a yakuza,when thrown in jail may insert pearls under the skin of the penis for how many years he is trown in jail. Many Yakuza are recognized for their full body tattoos. These tattoos are known as Irezumi in Japan. these tattoos are known to take many years to complete and for its originality of practices. They insert ink into the skin by a hand made needle made of sharpend bamboo or steel. When Yakuza play Oicho-Kabu cards with eachother they often remove or open their shirts. and hang it around their waist to display their full body tattoos this is oe of the few times they reveal their tattoos in public

YAKUZA What is the Yakuzas presumed orgin,Century of establishment,Numbers of members, Different clans,and types of criminal activities? The Yakuza were established in the 17th century.Today there are an estimated 86,300 active members. The Yakuza have principal clans the Yamaguchi-Yumi (the most dominent clan),the Sumiyoshi-Kai, the Iragawa-Kai, and last but not least the Tao-Kai.EAch gang takes part in several criminal activities such as Black mail, Illegal gambling, Casino, Prostitution, and Smuggling.The yakuza started in the 17 century as the Kabuki-mono a vulgar acting group who killed people to test new swords. They were originally established to fend off angry samurai.they were mean to everybody and were usually inebriated. What clans are their and what are their signifigance? The yamaguchi-gumi are the biggest clan. Sumiyoshi-Kai are the second biggest clan. The Iragawa-kai are the third and last and least the Tao-kai. the Yakuza are the biggest group of organized crime in the world My prezi
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