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Tesla Motors - Environmental Scan & Segmentation/ Targeting

No description

David Buckholtz

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Tesla Motors - Environmental Scan & Segmentation/ Targeting

Tesla Motors - Environmental Scan & Segmentation/ Targeting
Environmental Scan
Significant Trends
5 Environmental Forces
Demographic Segmenation
Psychographic Segmenation
Target Segment
Target Market Strategy
Conclusion of Envrionmental Scan
Conclusion of Segmentation/Targeting
Demographic Segmentation
Some common variables of the demographic information include age, gender, income, and FLC (Family Life Cycle) (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2013).
Target Market Strategy
Concentrating Targeting
Market of Electric Cars
Target Interest
Conclusion of Environmental Scan
The disadvantage of this car are the luxurious features and the price allocated with those features.
Conclusion of Segmentation/Targeting
Its simple, similar to Apple Inc.
Narrow Interest while room to gain the interest of younger generations
Psychographic Segmentation
Personal Reflection and Desires
Appeals to....
Division of People
Clusters of Potential Consumers
Target Segment
Demographically, Psychographically, Geographically, and Behaviorally
Significant Trends
Going Green


Safety First
5 Environmental Forces
Environmental Scan
- Model S Design Studio (opportunity)
- Base Price (threat)

- Zero Emissions (opportunity)
- Road Trips (threat)
Work Cited - APA
FLC is a series of stages determined by a combination of
Marital status
Presence or absence of children
Demographic Segmentation
Resulting in several segments such as:
Young single
Young divorced without children
Young married without children
Young married with children
Middle-aged married with children
Gender & Income
High Income
Price of Tesla Motors Model S $63,570 (Tesla, 2013)
Marketers use terms such as
New borns
Generation Y
Generation X
Baby boomers

(Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2013).
Family Life Cycle
Middle aged married without children
Middle aged divorced without children
Older married
Older unmarried
etc. (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2013)
Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F., & McDaniel, C. (2013). MKTG Student Edition. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.

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The evaluation of Consumer vs. Product Approach
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