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public speaking



on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of public speaking

Age Limit on Beauty Peagant for Children HISTORY

Beauty pagents became part of the American society in the 1920's. Child beauty pageants began in the 1960's. Child beauty pageants consist of modeling sportwear, evening attitr,dance and talent. The children are judged based on individuality
looks,capability,poise,perfection and confidence.

-Times have really chnaged, The children in the 1977 pageants wore little-girl dresses and ribbons in their hair; they embodied a childlike innocence as they displayed their little-girl talents — singing, tap, and baton twirling.

-Not so with the more recent page-ant shots. The contestants did not look like little girls but rather like coquettish young women whose talents were reduced to an ability to move suggestively across the stage." Cons Of Beauty Pageant for Children

- Confidence
Little girls in pageants are buried under the fake tans, hair extensions,false eyelashes,make-up,and fake teeth.
The invisible message: You are not good as you are, you have to put artifical materials to be beautiful.
Possible effect: Body shame and perfectionism 'Self esteem"

These chidren often appear to be trying to please their parents above all else.

The invisible message: Put other people's needs and desires before yoyr own.

Possible effects: Depression, loss of identity and anxiety "Smile"

These little girls quickly learn that anything other than perfectly happy is unacceptable.

Possible effects: Mad/sad feelings are bad, happy/content feelings are good.

Possible effects: Drugs,alcohol,disordered eating and even cutting. FACTS

-Beauty pagents are a billion-dollar-a-year industry. An estimated 3,000 pageants a year
are held in the United States in which more than 100,000 children under age of 12 compete.

-The cost of entering a child beauty pagent is quite expensive, the cost includes entry fees,training program,
accommodation and hair and make up by a profession. The irony of the situation is that parents prefer to
spend money on designer dresses for their daughter's pagant than on their child's education.

- 3 percent of 6 to 9 year olds are already using lipstick or lip gloss

- 38 percent are using hairstyling products

- 12 percent use other other cosmetic products

- 8 to 12 years old already spend $40+ million a month on beauty products according to NPD Group.

- 42% of 1st to 3rd Graders want to be thinner
Psychological effects of beauty pagents on children

- the early years of life is when our personalities develop, we develop a moral compass of our values and ideals; a sense of right and wrong. If young children are lead to believe their worth and value as human beings depend on their physical appearance then this is likely to become their belief throughout their lives

- In various studies, it is proven that children as young as five have a clear image of what their appearance should be and if it is not up to par with that then their self-worth dramatically decreases and, in contrast, they feel that if they can improve their body through diets and other means then their self-worth will increase

-They are deprived of their social development.These girls should be skipping rope, playing with their friends and swinging from trees


Do we want our young daughters growing up thinking that outer beauty is everything and that they need to look like Barbie in order to fit into todays society? I think not.

Therefore, there need to be laws protecting the rights and welfare of these children. They should not be subjected to events that clearly, and have been proven to, affect their mental and physical health which can, in turn, negatively affect the rest of their lives and the way in which they live and relate to other people.

Other effects

-Children grow up to think that the only way to earn money is through exploitation of their bodies, which is not true. Children develop eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia to make their bodies look perfect

- sends the message that u have to be perfect in every way (looks, personality, talent, etc)

- enforces a perfectionist bar that cannot be reached

-encourages comparing girls to other girls and passing judgement

-its lots of money/energy spent on winning something that accomplishes nothing

-sends the message that looks are the most important thing

Pedophiles Displaying such a mature look (these girls are five or six years old, yet their faces look like those of at least 16 years old) may attract unwanted public, such as pedophiles. Paying the fee for your child’s picture to be posted on a website with heavy traffic is again, in my opinion, not the best choice to be made. Unfortunately, there have been cases of young pageant participants that have been victims in murder cases, so things are not as simple as one might think.
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