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Jake donovan How to sharpen a pencil in a electric pencils s

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Jake donovan How to sharpen a pencil in a electric pencils s

Step One
Make sure the electric pencil sharpener is plugged in to the outlet.
Step 2
Next put the tip of the pencil in the electric pencil sharpener.
No pencils will be harmed during this process their only getting a shave.
Step 4
Finally pull the pencil out when you hear the clear sound and make sure the tip is nice and sturdy and you have your self a sharpened pencil
Tips, warnings,and resources
Warning: you may get electrocuted, do not put any body parts in sharpener. Keep out of reach of children 5years and younger.(only pencils or colored pencil in electric sharpener.Do not stick any body part in live outlet.

Step 3
Then wait for a clear sound instead of a rough sound.
Jake Donovan's
How to sharpen a pencil in a electric pencils sharpener

tips and resources
you need a pencil,electric sharpener and outlet that works. if it stop working check to see if it is plugged in . if that isn't it try emptying the shavings. if that's not it. reach me at Work Phone 1(800)5553429 or email thePencilman_12@sharpener.net
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