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Shoppers Drug Mart Employee Handbook

No description

Caitlin Huynh

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Shoppers Drug Mart Employee Handbook

E are
xcellence 62 years ago, Koffler founded Shoppers Drug Mart. He started what would become a chain of drug stores, each owned and operated by a trustworthy pharmacist. Shoppers is now successfully open all across Canada. Shoppers has been made famous for its numerous convenient services. Automated email reminders let patients know when it's time to refill their prescriptions. Refills can easily be made over the phone, online or in-store. My File keeps a portable record of a patient's past 20 medications to make it easy to keep track of prescriptions. Pharma Track comes with every prescription and contains detailed information on every medication with thorough instructions and warnings. Besides pharmacy needs, every shoppers has a beauty, food and lifestyle section. Convenience
at its finest Improve the health of and well being of all Canadians. Approach every day with personal accountability and commitment Acting with integrity, respect, and openness every day. Leading the market through innovation and superior performance. VALUES ARE AT OUR CORE ASSOCIATE-OWNER OF THE STORE Every Shoppers is owned and operated by a associate-owner, who is also a fully licensed pharmacist. They are given the right to operate a retail drug store using Shopper's trademarks and brands. RESPONSIBILITIES Work to ensure the growth and success of their stores.
Operate their stores to meet or exceed all legal requirements.
Get involved in all aspects of running their stores.
Take advantage of national programs. HOURS Two main shifts:
4pm-12am Sample Organizational Chart Josephine
Associate-Owner Rizwan
Manager Alex
Manager Grace
Pharmacist on Duty Nadia
Pharmacist on Duty Diana
Pharmacist on Duty Gurpreet
Supervisor Melissa
Supervisor Cashier Merchandiser Cashier Merchandiser Monir
Pharmacist on Duty Equality Shoppers hires employees based on skills, qualifications, ability, length of service, experience, and in compliance with Human Rights Legislation. Job opportunities are posted in visible and accessible places (i.e front of store, online) to ensure everyone can see them. CONFIDENTIALITY Company Information Protection Every computer is password or barcode protected
Passwords are not written and placed where unauthorized people can see them. Examples of Private Information:
Revenue/expense information
Security authorization for alarm systems
Payroll records Protection of Customer Information Screens that hold information are turned away from customers
Employees are forbidden to discuss patient information
Firewall is installed to protect against third party access. Examples of Private Information:
Developed photos
Contact information
Insurance information PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ONCE A YEAR Feedback on:
Job expectations and performance standards
Strengths and opportunity for improvement Given time to discuss questions, concerns or ideas. Each employee is given a signed copy of their performance appraisal and another copy will be made to be kept in their personal file. TERMINATION REASONS FOR Substance misuse (drugs, alcohol etc.)
Criminal conviction
Acts of violence, harassment, discrimination etc.
Repeated lateness or absenteeism
and more... PROBATIONARY PERIOD Within the first 3 months of employment, either the employee or the associate-owner my end the working relationship without advance notice. (Progress is also checked through a Probationary Assessment, similar to performance appraisals. LEAVING EMPLOYMENT Employees are asked to give written notice, 2 weeks in advance if they decide to quit their job.
All store property including uniforms and badges must be returned on the last day of work. POLICIES Personal electronic device's are not to be seen by customers. They should only be used in break rooms or outside the store.
Smoking is only permitted outside the store (Not in the front if employee is in uniform).
Uniforms must be cleaned, pressed and badge must be worn.
Phones, emails, fax machines etc. are only to be used for work related tasks. Follow them or face consequences

4+ Hours of work: One 15min break period (paid)

5+ Hours of work: One 30min lunch period (unpaid)

8+ Hours of work: Two 15min break periods (paid)

The time of break and lunch periods depend on the needs of the store. Breaks and lunches may be delayed to maintain customer service. Break and Lunch Periods Attendance Every employee must "swipe" their badge at the beginning and of each shift and break.
Employees "swiping" for others will result in serious consequences such as termination. CODE OF CONDUCT NO Sexual Harassment It is illegal and against policy for any employee, either male or female, to harass any customer or staff member.
Doing so will result in immediate termination.
Customers and staff must be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty.
All reports of any breached policies will be investigated thoroughly and confidentially.
No employee's job will be tarnished or negatively affected if they report a harassment. -POLICIES PRIVACY Computer screens are turned away from customers to protect personal information.
Each pharmacy employee has a barcode to identify who filled which prescriptions. ABUSE OF INFORMATION
TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES Any employee caught using Shoppers technology for unrelated work tasks (game playing, chat, shopping, chain letters etc.) will be terminated. No exceptions. COMPANY BENEFITS VACATIONS Employees are entitled vacation after one year of service.
Employees are rarely allowed to have vacation leave during November and December (the busiest time of the year).
Employee's must request for vacation leave 3 weeks in advance. First 5 years of service: 4% of earned wages- 2 weeks leave
Beginning of 6th year- end of 10th year: 6% of earned wages- 3 weeks leave
Beginning of 11th year onwards: 8% of earned wages- 4 weeks vacation leave
Pharmacists (after 1 year of service): 6% of earned wages- 3 weeks leave
Pharmacists (after 10 years of service): 8% of earned wages- 4 weeks leave SICK LEAVE Full-time employees who regularly work 28+ hours/week and completed their probationary period, are entitled to sick leave with pay.
Sick days cannot be used in place of vacation days.
If employees are absent for more than one day, the employee must keep the associate-owner informed on their condition on a daily basis and provide a physician's note. Bereavement
Leave Full-time employees with more than 3 months service: granted up to 3 consecutive days paid leave.
For death of: Spouse, common-law, parents, siblings, child, step-parents, in-law parents or grandparents. INSURANCE Full-time employees who regularly work 28+ hours are eligible to participate in a Group Insurance Plan provided by Blue Cross.
Long-term or short-term disability insurance is optional.
Health, dental and life insurance is included in the insurance plan.
Shoppers does not provide a pension plan or mileage/travel reimbursement. Every store has:
Programs to identify and appropriately control workplace hazards
Training programs to educate employees on health and safety
Several first-aid kits
A health and safety committee that meets regularly If injured on the job:
Immediately notify/report your associate-owner, manager or health and safety representative.
Transportation to a hospital or physician will be provided if needed.
Injured employees will return to work as soon as possible. In a case of emergency, an employee's main priority is to EVACUATE. Employees must:
Greet customers within one minute of arrival
Let the customers know about in store events and promotions
Direct customers to products they need help finding GLOSSARY Acetaminophen: A pain reliever and fever reducer (ex. Tylenol)
Anaphylactic shock: Serious and possibly life threatening allergic reactions
Brand Name Drug: A original medication that has been trademarked (ex. Cipralex).
DIN: Drug Identification Number
Generic Drug: Copy of a brand name drug, using the same ingredients and formula but at a lower price.
Fast Movers: Drugs kept on nearby shelves for quick access, they are the most popular medication (ex. Co-co-Azithromycin).
Ibuprofen: Drug used to treat pain, swelling and fever (ex. Advil).
Narcotic Drug: Drugs controlled by the government because of their high drug abuse rate (ex. Ratio-Oxycocet)
Nasal: Anything related to "nose"
Pharmacist: A professional who fills prescriptions and counsels patients.
Pharmacy: A place where prescriptions are sold and supervised by a pharmacist.
Prescription(Rx): A written note from a doctor to prescribe a patient's medication
Warfarin: Drug used to treat, prevent and/or reduce blood clots. Also used to help prevent heart attacks and or strokes (ex. Mylan- Warfari 1MG). common pharmaceutical terms THANK YOU FOR READING THE SHOPPERS DRUG MART EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK Assisgnment by: CAITLIN HUYNH
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