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Font Analysis

No description

James Daly

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Font Analysis

Different magazines will use different type faces to try and reach out to their target audience. This can be seen the the C of classical and also the Automatic on NME. The DJ magazine was interesting as my target audience is the same, therefore I will be looking to use a techno looking typeface to try and reach out to my target audience in the same way DJ magazine has done.
VIBE uses very sans-serif writing and due to the typeface and alternating size of the text it looks like an old style poster. This effect is very eye catching, however, some people will find it hard to follow the text written.
Q Magazine
NME has used a more cartoon looking typeface with the letters of the word "automatic" not being inline with each other. This gives a a slightly more child look to the magazine but this is fine because NME target audience is slightly younger than Q's.

The fonts used in Q magazine are sans-serif. This gives a formal and, as they are block capitals, a stand out look to the writing. This is what i will be wanting to harvest and use for my magazine as I want it to stand out. No effects have been used on the writing, no drop shadow. This gives a very original and plain feel to the front page.
Font Analysis
DJ Magazine.
This classical magazine is using almost a calligraphy font for the letter "C" in classical. This gives it a very formal look and therefore its target audience is a lot older and more sophisticated.
Classical music
Kerrang has a different look to the front page is not trying to be as formal as Q. Therefore the text they have used is on a slant and there is more changes in the typeface. The change in typeface can be seen in the "Plus" sign on the page. This change in fonts gives it an unorganized look to the magazine and therefore it fits well with the target audience which is rock.
DJ magazine uses ever techno looking fonts as they are very block shaped and the idea for this font comes from Space Invaders which also matches what is on the models shirt. This works well as it is very techno which also links into DJ work.
This is what i will be trying to harvest and take into my own magazine.
Mixmag Magazine has used full capital font. This magazine uses a mixture of both serif and sans-serif fonts. The san-serif writing gives the magazine a more youthful look towards it and this is in correlation with its target audience being young. The font used in the DIPLO free CD also gives a younger feel to the magazine.
Font Analysis
In this presentation I will be looking at what type of fonts are used in magazine front covers and how effective they are in trying to reach out to their target audience.
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