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Renewable Energy

No description

Stacey Lobo

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

What is energy? Energy is the power to do work. All aspects of life mainly technology require energy to perform tasks. There are two types of energy -
renewable and non renewable Types of Energy Renewable: Non renewable: Environmental impacts Petroleum Natural Gas Coal Air pollution
Endangers wildlife
oil :spillage & refinement Gas leaks
Gas exposure-
carbon monoxide poisoning Sustainability Economic impacts Highly paid jobs- R&D
High paid jobs employment production GDP Economic growth.
Country benefits from technology
Fewer international disputes eg. Iran -Iraq war Visual Pollution
Endangerment of wildlife
Extraction BUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 Price!!!!! Very expensive and time consuming.
Requires a great deal of labor.
The availability of substitutes cause difficulty in raising finance The future of renewable energy is bright and we hope you'll can be a part of it. Time consuming (New Mexico Solar Energy Association) (Harvard University 2011) References. New Mexico Solar Energy Association, n.d., What is energy? , [online]. Available : http://nmsea.unm.edu/Curriculum/Primer/what_is_energy.htm [Accessed 11th December 2012].
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Kabra, S, Maga,R, 2000, Disadvantages of Renewable Energy Technologies, Grinnell College, Iowa [online]. Available: http://web.grinnell.edu/courses/ant/S00/ANT154-01/magar/disadv.html [Accessed 12th December 2012].
Oregon State University. (2001). Define the terms renewable resource and nonrenewable . Available: http://forages.oregonstate.edu/nfgc/eo/onlineforagecurriculum/instructormaterials/availabletopics/environmentalissues/resource . Last accessed 15/12/2012. (RIEDC 2012) (Baylis et.al 2007) (Jones 2010). Refutation However , investing time and money into building equipment is a wise choice for any country as renewable resources will always be around (Colorado.edu, 2011)
Does not emit greenhouse and other harmful gases.
Use of renewable energy reduces costs. (The National Academy 2012) ALTHOUGH (Kabra & Maga 2000) (Lehigh Universiity n.d.) Renewable resources are sustainable because a natural process replaces them. (Oregon State University 2001) In 2007 7% of energy consumption was renewable as opposed to the 93% which was non renewable however, this has changed. THESIS STATEMENT Green energy is the better choice for future energy needs as it cause less environmental harm, it is sustainable and has positive economic and social effects however, it is fairly expensive to set up and operate, although, when the drawbacks are put into perspective, price cannot compare. Few examples : solar thermal
, wind, biomass, hydroelectric
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