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Copy of Rizal and the 19th Century Europe

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ran paulee jimenez

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Rizal and the 19th Century Europe

San Francisco Philippines May 3,1882
Rizal boarded the steamer Salvadora (to Singapore)
.Donato Lecha, the ship captain from Asturias, Spain befriended him Singapore Turkey Italy Barcelona Madrid Colombo (now Sri Lanka) May 9,1882
the Salvadora docked ate Singapore
Rizal registered in Hotel de la Paz
he spent two days sight seeing arrived on May 17,1882 France reached on June 11,1882 arrived on June 12,1882
here he visited where Dantes was imprisoned arrived on June 15,1882 enrolled in Universidad Central de Madrid on November 3,1882
taking up Medicne and Philosophy and Letters
joined Circulo Hipano-Filipino Rizal and the 19th century Europe Paris visited Paris on 1883
on March 1883,Rizal joined Masonic Lodge called Acacia in Madrid
later transferred to Lodge Solidaridad where he became Master Mason on November 5,1890 "Rizal went to Europe" May 8, 1992
while Salvadora was approaching Singapore Rizal saw a beautiful island which reminded him of "Talim Island with the Susong Dalaga" May 11, 1882
he transferred to Djemnah, a french steamer on its way to Europe
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