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Racism P.S.A.

Public Service Announcement

Sean Patel

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Racism P.S.A.

Racism If you can only see the difference in others, then you're the one who's different... What is racism? Racism is discrimination of others based on religion, race, skin color, and ethnic background. It is a form and bullying and is used to make one racial group seem superior to another.

What makes racism a problem? Racism is a problem because
it causes discrimination against
people for reasons that
have nothing to do with their
abilities or loyalties. Some people say that racism is dead, but racism will never be dead. It will live on forever, unfortunately. Who is affected by racism? Everyone is affected by racism, whether or not you are causing the problem or are being affected by it. For, example, the Rosa Parks case. When Rosa Parks was returning home from her job as a seamstress, she boarded a segragation bus in headed for Montgomery. So, she headed for her seat in the back where the African Americans were required to sit. But, on this particular day, however, the front of the bus quickly filled up. The area where blacks were designated to sit would have to be vacated. A white, male passenger required a seat and there was none available in the white section. Consequently, the blacks in the front of the black section were asked to move. They were told by the driver to relinquish their seats. All complied except for Rosa. She was dealing with the same driver who had evicted her more than a decade earlier from his bus. Rosa remained adamant on this occasion. This particular request was not to be taken lightly. Where does racism occur? Racism occurs all round us, in every continent , every nation, every state, and every city. No matter where you go there will always be some form of racism. What are some of the causes of racism :

A need to feel OK, to feel worthwhile. This can result in people wanting to feel superior to others.

Ignorance of other cultures, religions, and values.

Fear of sharing power with other groups of people.

Laws and government policies aimed at preventing immigration of people of different cultures and religions. Understand the devistating consequences of racism and tribalism. Be prepared to explain those consequences with people.

Forgive those of other races or tribes who have hurt you or have hurt people of your race or tribe.

Be willing to share the political power and resources with all people.

Everyones helping make a change, so why don't you join them??? How can we help? Why should we care about racism? People should care about racism because, people judge others by their own mispreconceptions or thoughts about them. It is inhuman just to think that you're better than your peers just by the impression you think that they give off. Racism has existed since the beginning of time and has lead to the causing of World Wars. We should all care about how we treat others even though they are different but, they are human beings just like all of us. Remember, there is only one race, the human race.So, change the way you think, change how you feel, and change how others feel, about racism. "Parks Rosa Biography." Gale Resources. Gale Group, 14 07 2003. Web. 8 Apr 2011.

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Persuasion Techniques: Bandwagon, slogan, reptitition(change..., change..., change...)
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