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No description

Martina Cazzola

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of ANALYSIS

Image by Tom Mooring
The Prezi presented by Virginia Palmieri analyzes the literary form of the
taking as an example the sonnet '
Loving in the truth
Philiph Sidney
and inserting it in the historical period known as the Elizabethan age.
Historical references
The historical background is described by giving
more importance to cultural development

that has characterized the era and has favored the birth of the sonnet. Also the references about the poet are focused on aspects of his life that influenced his writing

Analysis and development of the sonnet
The topic is presented and analyzed
outlining the characteristics of the literary genre


highlighting them in a practical way

within the specific text.The presence of the translation of the sonnet makes understanding easier
Analysis of the CONTESTS
Use of language
The use of a
simple language
makes the
presentation fluid
, easy to follow, and especially suitable for the study

Originality and expressivity
The originality is certainly the most striking aspect of the presentation. First of all it has to be noticed the use of the word 'LONDON' as a basis from which develops the entire job,
the graphics and the use of the color affect immediatly the observer drawing his attention
;for example in the case of sonnet the use of arrows and colors makes clear and immediate the metrical structure of the text.
Analysis of the FORM
Virginia's Prezi is an exhaustive presentation that provides
an alternative learning model that facilitates the mnemonic study
through the use of graphics. Finally , the attention to detail, accuracy of exposure and the treatment of topics provide a fluid and
intuitive presentation
Sidney's Prezi
Martina Cazzola 3D
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