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Scaffold sheeting

No description

Gabor Nyitrai

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Scaffold sheeting

Monarfol clear tape
Strenght of reinforced LDPE layers
Fixing accessories
2 Layers of co-polymer LDPE
Reinforcement of Polyester (PET) multifilament
Grid mesh of 9 x 12 mm – 1670 dtex
Lightweight grid, but strongest on marked compared to weight
Blue eyelets of flexible LDPE/rubber for durable fixing
Available in Flamesafe version, approved to LPS1215 fire standard in UK
Monarflex Super T+
MONARFLEX Scaff band
The ultimate temporary covering material
Purpose of scaffold sheeting
Scaffold sheeting
Durable clear PVC tape with a width of 5 cm and a thickness of 0,15 mm. It is flame retardant and stabilised against UV degradation. Monarflex® Clear Tape is used to repair damages in the sheeting and can additionally be used to secure overlaps, in order to avoid wind getting behind the sheeting.
Monarflex is Europe’s leading manufacturer of Polyethylene reinforced and non-reinforced sheeting and membranes, as well as related accessories, used in the building and construction industry.
2 Layers of LDPE
Reinforcement of polyester (PET) multifilament’s
Grid mesh of 9 x 12 mm – 1670 dtex
Lightweight yet strong grid
60 mm wide woven reinforcement band with pre punched holes per 100 mm
Available also in a Flamsafe version conforming to LPS1215 fire standard I UK
Weather protection of men, machines and equipment
Protection of working area
Protection of the environment
Protection of neighbours and surroundings

For men
For passers-by

Deadlines are respected
Equalization of construction season
Enhanced working climate
Advertising through logo
Areas Of Application
Building and Construction:
Facade renovation
(sandblasting & water jetting)
Roof renovation
Winter activities
Replacement of Windows

Ship Yards
Surface treatment
Secure work site due its flame retardant properties
Easy and fast istallation (special low friction keder band and light composition)
Enviromental friendly
Wind noise reduction properties due to the unique eyelet system
Premade repair kit for small damages
Thank You for your attention!
Tarp connector
Other accessories
Loose Eyelet
To obtain the best possible protective system, the fixings and accessories are just as important as the sheeting. The sheeting and the fixing form a system that must maintain its strength throughout the entire building period. The system is only as strong as the weakest part so be careful in choosing the right combination.
Anchor & Stripe
Monostud & Tie
This two-piece flexible fixing accessory, consists of a specially designed user friendly
piercing Anchor, which together with the strong oval shaped Rubber Strap ensure an exceptionally
strong and flexible fixation to the scaffold structure. It is the ideal fixing accessory to use when high wind resistance is required.
Strength at break: > 75 kg
The standard versatile and flexible fixing.
Strength at break: > 45 kg
The Monostud with a cable tie (strap) mounted in the fixing hole is pressed into the eyelet
of the sheeting from the outside closing the eyelet and making it watertight.
The triangular eyelet consists of two pieces, which are placed on each side of the
sheeting and then screwed together with three screws. The accessory provides the user to position extra
eyelets into the sheeting if, when and where wanted. It is often used for very complicated jobs that require
a very tight fit of the sheeting to the scaffold framework
Monarpunch is a small plastic hand tool used to pre-pierce or puncture the hole through the eyelet of the sheeting. When having to pierce several hundreds of eyelets in a day, this small tool can be quite useful.
The Polytoggle is a unique piece which ensures a water tight fixing. The Polytoggle is pressed into the eyelet of the sheeting from the outside, after the eyelet hole has been trimmed of excess sheeting with a cutter. A strap, a rope, a wire or similar is inserted in the Polytoggle and tied to the scaffold framework.
Monarflex founded in Denmark, whereas production is carried out at our factory and all other departments as Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality and Financial department in Štúrovo, SK. The Slovakian plant was relocated from Denmark in 2007, and at the same time production technology was updated with state of the art production equipment. This move has permitted Monarflex to maintain a competitive platform in the European market. Furthermore, to ensure optimal service for our customers, certain products are bought from partners to complement the range of own produced products
Extreme scaffolding
The Kederflex is besides being a versatile and flexible keder system also avaiable in a variety of standard with and lenghts to suit industrial standards.
References all around
the world
This unique two-part fixing accessory is used to join two sheets together through the overlapping
Strength at break: > 35 kg
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