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What is a Hero?

No description

BKL Project

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of What is a Hero?

Types of Hero's
"Anyone can be a hero, it's just the decision that they make which categorize them as a hero. "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others
at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost."

— Arhur Ashe

Our definition of a hero is anybody or anything that can sacrifice something valuable for the good of the universe. They could also show a great act of bravery or a noble deed. A hero doesn't have to be some amazing person, a hero can be anyone.
Decisions a Hero makes
Who can be a hero?

What is a Hero?
Who can be a hero?
Photos of Heroes
Every hero must make important decisions. Here our examples of decisions heroes made from our eight hero stories:
Birdfoots Grandpa
An example of a hero is the grandpa from Birdfoot's Grandpa. He is a hero because he took the time to save the frogs, instead of putting them in jeopardy, by driving straight at them. The Poem informs us that the man had places to go but his decision was to stop, and move the frogs away from the road.
The Letter A
In this story, The mother had a child with special needs. Everyone told her just to abandon the kid, but she never gave up on him, though. She traveled the land in search of a cure, but no cure was found. When a cure wasn't available, she still loved her kid, Christy, and kept on trying to see if maybe she could teach him something. All the time, day and night, she tried, but she couldn't break through the barrier of Christy's mind. Then, on Christmas, the barrier was broken when Christy learned how to write the letter a with his toe. This shoes true love, as the mother never gave up on him.
Legendary Hero
Ordinary Hero
A legendary hero is someone who does an amazing feat that is for the greater good. They are admired for great achievements or affected by grand events.
The Man in the water
The man in the water gave up his life to save survivors of a plane crash. This is a true act of selflessness and good human nature. He is a hero because his actions saved others, and even though he didn't live, he deserves to be remembered and thought of.
An ordinary Hero is someone who is a normal person and they complete a task that helps a fellow human or animal. A man/ woman with courage or ability that is admired for his/her brave deeds and great qualities.

Examples of real life heroes
- Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberg is a hero because he was piloting a plane, but then it ran into a flock of birds. The birds destroyed the engines, and the plane started to fall towards the earth. Then, Chelsey put his plane down over the Hudson river, and saved all 155 people aboard.
- Pat Tillman is a hero, because he gave up his NFL career for the Cardinals to go fight in the Army. Unfortunately, he died but he gave up a bold sacrifice of playing in the NFL for our safety.
Time for a Hero
In this story, Dr.Kirschenbaum and Dr. Parker, two scientists, bring a man who lost his memory to a lab. In the lab, they convince the man that he is actually a superhero called Meteor Man. They tell the man that he is invincible and only he can smother a terrorist bomb from destroying the world and survive. At first the man is shocked and incredulous but after the doctors prove his invincibility he agrees to do it. After the man is sent to do the mission the doctors speak to each other. They had tricked the man into believing he was a superhero and in reality they had sent him on a suicide mission to stop L.A. from being destroyed .Dr. Kirschenbaum is happy he found someone to do the job while Dr. Parker regrets and wishes that he had given the man a chance to choose to be a hero without deception.
Birdfoots grandpa
Meteor Man
Tough Alice/Alice In Wonderland
The Man in the Water
- Kevin Brewster helped save a little boys life. Dominic Mott suffered from leukemia and needed bone marrow which Kevin gave him. Kevin sacrificed part of himself to save another life.
By Lipi, Brennan , and Kira
Tough Alice
Alice, a young girl, is visiting Wonderland, a magical place below the rabbit~hole. As soon as she reaches the Jabberwock, a demon that chases Alice every time she visits, pursues her. She looks fer a savior to fight with the Jabberwock but nobody is there or nobody cares. Alice begins to cry. Suddenly the White Queen and the Red Queen appear. They tell Alice that she must fight the Jabberwock. The queen s and all the other people appear on spectator's stands. The Jabberwock comes and Alice is terrified but she notices the absurdity of it all and finds the courage to laugh. Her laughing defeats the Jabberwock and the queens give her a crown to congratulate her.

Heroes Return
Junior, a young convict, came home to find that his younger brother had some money and a substance that he got from a drug dealer named "King". As soon as Junior saw what the narrator had in his hand, he made him flush it down the toilet. Then, Junior whipped his younger brother with his belt, and asked him if he thought that he was a hero for gong to jail. When he didn't get the response that he wanted, he whipped him more. Then, he showed his brother what it would be like to be in jail. He never let him out of his room, and only allowed him to have 3 meals every day, and it was Junior's choice of what they were. Junior pretended to be the prison guard. When 3 days were up, Junior let the narrator go. Afterward when his friends asked where he was, the narrator said that he was in jail.
Visible Ink
In Visible ink, the writer talks about who is a hero, from Superman to Samson. She also talks about why they are a hero, and her definition of a hero. Her definition of a hero is doing everyday things, like teaching someone how to make apple cobbler, to umping a baseball game. She said that its not how big it is, its how much thought and love you put into it that counts.
Havish Mctavish Is Eating A Bus
In this story, the narrator has to do a project on their hero, when he reads an article about a man who is preparing to eat a bus. He chooses him as his hero. His brother, though, teased him a lot about it. Then, a couple days later, Havish Mctavish, who was eating the bus, gave up. This infuriated the narrator a lot. At school the next day, though, Chase, the narrator's brother chose to give his hero first. At first the narrator thinks that his brother is going to mock him, but then he realizes that his speech is about him! That really makes him happy, and it brings him and his brother closer together.
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