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LDRP nurse

No description

Shelby Ayala

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of LDRP nurse

Shelby Ayala Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum Nurse (LDRP nurse) Detailed Description Schools Employment settings Educational requirements Sources 25 Medical terms An LDRP nurse is a registered staff nurse position with responsibility for reasonable and comprehensive care for all obstetrical patients. They are a nurse who helps an OB/Gyn. They assist the expectant mother before,during and after birth. UWM college of nursing
2-4 years
Gateway technical college
nursing program
2-4 years
UW Oshkosh
RN, Bachelors/Masters in Nursing Get a nursing degree (2-4 years at an accredited nursing school )
Get licensed ( assesses the competencies, knowledge and skills
Gain work experience
Earn certification (Continuing education or reexamination might be needed to maintain certification.
Consider advanced education (masters degree) They work in the LDRP section of hospitals
Physicians offices HCG: hormone present in the blood and urine of pregnant women.
Apneic: when a newborn is not breathing
Parturition: Process of labor and child birth
Hysterectomy: surgical excision of the uterus
Lactation: production of milk in the breasts
episiotomy: cutting the perineum to assist in childbirth
Gestation: lenth of pregnancy from conception to birth
Galactorrhea: discharge of milk form the breast
Crowning: when the fetal scalp is visible at the vaginal introitus
ectopic (pregnancy): when the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the endometrium ex: the fallopian tube.
Zygote: union of sperm and egg
Dystocia: Any type of diffucult/abnormal labor&delivery
Apgar score:system of evaluating a newborns well-being 1-5 mins after birth
nulligravida: women who has never been pregnant
Nuchal cord: umbillical cord wrapped around the neck of a fetus
embryo: developing human day 4- 8 weeks
fetus: developing human 8 weeks- birth
amniocentesis:inserting a needle into a pregnant woman's uterus and aspirating fluid to be tested.
HRT: replacement of hormones during menopause
acrocyanosis: neonates hands and feet are a bluish color
umbilical cord: cord that conects the fetus to the mother via the placenta, transfers oxygen and nutrients
fontanel(soft spot) superior part of infants head , gaps in the cranial bones that have yet to fuse together.
salpingitis: inflammation of the oviduct
pregnant: being with child
Meconium: infants first stool, greenish black
broad ligament: holds ovaries in place Typical Day Asses women coming into the hospital who are in possible labor
Perform stress tests on women who are over due or are high-risk.
Monitor women in labor
Cervical dilation checks on laboring women.
induce labor in women via IV meds and or Vaginal meds
Monitor fetal heartbeat/contractions
attempt to stop pre term labor
help the woman to push when completely dilated
pain control
the nurse is the eyes and ears for the doctor until he/she arrives to deliver the baby.
initial newborn assessment cleaning of the newborn, giving eye drops and vitamin K shots
after deliver making sure the uterus clamps down to stop bleeding
post delivery pain control
parental education post-delivery breast fedding education
Cesarean sections They can make anywhere between $66,530-$111,030.
You can make more working for Physicians
There is currently a very high demand for LDRP nurses Education portal
all nurses.com
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