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Copy of Rooh Afza

No description

Qurrat Adil

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Rooh Afza

ROOH AFZA Presented by:
Shiza Tariq
Samia Shoaib
Qurratulain Adil
Farrah Shahid
PERSONALITY * Traditional
* Lively
* Energetic FUNCTIONAL
BENEFIT * Nutrients
* Essential Electrolytes
* Water Retention
* Medicinal Properties
* Soothing & Refreshing EMOTIONAL
BENEFIT * Great taste
* Red color heritage
* Pioneer drink of Pakistan
* Strong association with iftar
in Ramazan BIG Idea Refresh Your World! COMMUNICATION
OBJECTIVES * Increase Share of Voice
* Promote idea - “Rooh Afza
keeps you fresh and energized.”
* Highlight the concept of
“Refresh your world.”
* Highlight the traditional aspect
of this eastern drink. TARGET Market Everyone Men, Women
& Children All Age Groups SEC: B+, B,
C+, C, D Region: All over
Pakistan COMPETITORS Direct
Competitors * Jam-e-Shirin
* Taskeen-e-Rooh
* Mitchells Squash
* Shezan Squash Indirect Competitors * Packaged juices like Nestle, Shezan,
Olfrute, Frooto
* Energy drinks like Energile, Glucose D,
Red Bull
* Quick Preparations like Tang, Sunsip
* Carbonated drinks like Pepsi, Coke, Sprite
* Fresh Juices MARKET Share ROOH AFZA
47% Jam-e-Shirin 42% Others 11% Jam-e-Shirin DDM
Activities Website Facebook Rooh Afza's Current
DDM Activities * Fails to capture
user interest
* Lacks proper
* Unorganized acebook * Has little to do with Pakistan
* Barely any activity DIGITAL Plan WEBSITE A panel that includes:
* History
* Recipes
* Photo Gallery
* Marketing Activities
* Contact FACEBOOK * Upload pic of their dish
* Collect maximum votes
& win! What's Your Rooh AFza Mix? * Polls highlighting the functional & emotional benefits.
* Help in gaining consumer insight. Polls * Application to bestow 'refreshing' titles to your friends. Rooh Afza "Friend Badge" Application * Upload a Refreshing Pic
* Collect 'likes' & win! Share Your Refreshing Snap How did you Refresh your
soul by helping somone? Share Your Stories * Flash Game
* Character gets refreshed
by drinking Rooh Afza Level Based Game * Tips to make creative drinks and deserts using Rooh Afza
* Best Iftari: Moms will be asked to make a video of their Iftari and post it of facebook. The winner's videos will be selected & posted on Facebook.
* Guess the Recipe: Fans will be asked to view a video of a chef making a particular dessert or drink. We will ask fans to either pick mistakes in that recipe or complete an incomplete recipe.
* Why do You use Rooh Afza: Fans will be asked to make a video in which they will tell why they prefer and use Rooh Afza. BANNER ADVERTISEMENT BANNER ADVERTISEMENT TV * ROOH AFZA CreaTive KitcHen ShoW
This is to be a 5 minute show that is to be aired during
program intervals at the following cooking channels:
- Masala Tv
- Zaiqa
- ARY Zauq
The program will showcase easy quick recipes on
various creative ways of using the product to make
drinks and desserts. * TALK SHOWS
With an array of talk shows gaining huge popularity among the masses especially women, we will incorporate the product in these talk shows. This would include:
-Background of Rooh Afza
-The red signature color scheme
-Glasses of Rooh Afza placed on the coffee table for the hosts and their guests. DIRECT Plan Post Hype:
* A collage of pictures collected at the event will be added to the online platforms.
* User Testimonials will be added to all of the online platforms.
* Winners of the contests held in the event will be announced online to maximize the reach. Pre-hype:
It will be done through direct marketing at different restaurants play area.
On Digital media:
* Banner advertisement.
* Social Media activities.
* Flash based water world game. Water World Activities:
* Water Activities.
* Rides for children.
* Games.
* Contests. On Going Hype:
Live updates will be made on the social media platforms to maximize its reach and get maximum number of people to the event. Rooh Afza Summer camp for the kids of ages 8-14 years. There will be various water rides in this park as well as exciting activities for the kids and their parents. 14th August Gala Rooh Afza
WaTerWorLd Independence GALA Hype:
* Facebook
* Youtube
* Schools
* Fast Food Restaurants
* Radio Activties:
* Children Performances
* Art Exhibition
* Contests
* Live cooking with TV Chefs
* Rooh Afza kitchen Creation Competition
* Pet Show Media:
* Masala TV
* ARY Zauq
* Cartoon Network
* GEO Post Event:
* Event to be aired on media channels
* All pictures & videos to be put up on the website, Facebook page & Youtube OTHER Activites Shopping Malls At various popular malls like Park Towers, Forum and Dolmen Mall and other shopping areas like Gulf and Tariq Road, kiosks will be put up followed by quick fun activities for children like painting, drawing and even creating their own Rooh Afza tasty treats that would keep them preoccupied while their parents especially mother’s shopped. Rooh Afza On WHEELS This campaign is to be launched at Sea View where the large congregation of easy consumers can get a taste of Rooh Afza in various innovative types of drinks. Rooh Afza DISPENSERS Specially designed Rooh Afza dispensers will be introduced that would not only serve the Rooh Afza Juice but also Rooh Afza Slush & Rooh Afza Gola Gundas. These specially designed dispensers will be installed at the following places:
•outside supermarkets like Naheeds, Imtiaz, Aghas, Ebco
•popular regional stores
•hospital canteens
•school/university canteens
•office cafetarias Rooh Afza
SCHOOL Activity Fun activities for the students which would include games such as Rooh Afza gola gunda eating contest, races & Rooh Afza bottle art contest.
It would also be educational.
Students can enroll for
Summer Program. Quarter 1
(Jan. to Mar.):
Mild Promotion
Awareness of the upcoming Summer Program Quarter 2
(Apr. to June)
Active Promotion
BTL Activities Quarter 3
(July to Sep.)
Promotional Activities at its PEAK Quarter 4
(Oct. to Dec.)
Activities Slow Down CYCLE
Planning ThankYou!
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