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Unit 2 project example: Fake News Report

Example PBA for Media Literacy Unit

Kristina Cordova

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit 2 project example: Fake News Report

Friends and/or enemies?
Sources at the local church come clean
‘this alliance may so happy prove, to turn their household’s rancour to pure love!”

Even the family didn't know?
How deep was the secret buried?
Against all odds
Can true love end the bloodshed?
After Romeo trespassed into the Capulet complex and found Juliet’s window, the two spoke late into the night, finally planning a secret wedding for the following day. A priest at the local church who wished to remain unnamed informed us, “When Romeo first approached me about the subject I could not believe it! After having so recently been despondent after his break-up with Rosaline I told him, ‘young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes!’ But he convinced me of his true feelings and I saw a possibility, ‘this alliance may so happy prove, to turn their household’s rancour to pure love!”
Even some closest to the young couple are angered by the betrayal.
Only a select few were privy to the secret between the two, and those who were left out of the secret were none too happy to discover the truth, we discovered when we asked Romeo's best friend (and the Prince's cousin) Mercutio.
Monday, March 7, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Family Fued: Can Love End It?
What will happen next?
Verona Online News

An anonymous, yet very excited and clearly well-informed source in the Capulet family told us, “that Romeo, his face be better than any man’s, yet his leg excels all men’; and for a hand and a foot and a body, ...they are past compare: he is not the flower of courtesy, but as gentle as a lamb. He like an honest gentleman, and a courteous and a kind and a handsome and I warrant a virtuous, he goes to get the Friar’s will and sends word with me to the lady to go to the church, to tell her parents she goes to confess, but she goes to find a husband to make her a wife!”
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