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How to impress boys

Here's a prezi for girls looking to impress their secret crushes. ;) Thanks for clicking in!

Kaitlyn Harmon

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of How to impress boys

How to impress boys
Step four
Dropping hints.
This is a rare way to build yourself, and them, up for you to tell them that you like them more than a friend. Don't do it too soon, find out more about that person first.
Step seven
See how it plays out.
No one knows where their life is headed. There's going to be multiple partners in your life, and just because one doesn't work out, doesn't mean that the world has ended. It's best to move on and still be friends if you can.
Step one
Try and become their friend.
It could be as simple as just saying hello and asking to hang out. just stay positive and be your self. That's all anyone's ever going to ask.
Step two
Don't find out things about them. Some girls may think that it's cool to know about their secret crushes. But I think that all the guys that have that happen to them, think that it's creepy.
Step five
Don't act like you're desperate.
In my opinion, I think that guys hate it when a girl is too desperate and will do anything to stay by their side. It's just, weird.
Step six
Don't loose hold of who you really are!
Love can make people do crazy things. Don't ever think about changing any part of yourself for him. Try to be as honest as possible, and if he wants you to change for him, he's not the one for you.
Step three
Work your way into being friends. It's good to have a tight connection, and know as much as they'll tell you about a person before you pick them as dating material.
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