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No description

Lexi Gray

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Unicorns

Unicorns How Myth Was Started Thought to hace a lions tail, a billy goat beard, and cloven hooves. Thought to be good and selfless and solemn. Narwals heve the same horn, Was first "discovered" in India. Exists in much mythology Which cultures are they from In Chinese culture, the were thought to have green scales, a horn, the body of a deer and head of a lion. The unicorn is mentioned more than once in the Bible. Unicorn History Was said that Alexander the Great rode a unicorn once he was able to tame it. Leonardo Da Vinci said unicorns are more attracted to maidens then males and are willing to protect them. In modern day the unicorn is the size of a donkey and is white with a white or gold horn. Marco Polo mistook one for a rhino. Thought only able to be tamed by women. The yellow emporer had a unicorn living in his garden, he thought this vtought him a life of peace. Thought to disapear if the world is going through a difficulr time. In Africa it was thought to be large as a horse with a white body, red head, blue eyes and a long white, black and red horn Thought ot have amazing strenghthamd able to tell lie from truth.. IF the horn was placed upon a wound it wouls heal. IF a unicorns horn was placed in poisen it would neultelize it. Associated with the Virgin Mary because only virgins were thought able to tame them. Unicorns were thought to live in the Garden of Eden. UNICORNS
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