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Digital Agenda for Europe

Presentation - 20th July 2010 <<STILL IN DRAFT FORM>>

Louise Brown

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of Digital Agenda for Europe

And finally ... NCVO ENNA Participation for Change Digital Agenda for Europe How will Participation for Change make a difference? The voluntary sector and the Digital Agenda for Europe Founded in 1919 8,000 members Voice and support for civil society National Council for Voluntary Organisations Members of all sizes European Network of National Associations 15 member countries and more joining all the time Connecting members across countries Horizontal connections Increase regular internet use from 60% to 75% by 2015 and from 41% to 60% for disadvantaged people
Halve the proportion of population that has never used the internet by 2015 50% of citizens using eGovernment by 2015 By 2015 online availability of all the key cross-border public services AIM: Build capacity and share expertise across civil society in each country AIM: Advocate and exchange information between the national and European levels The tools www.participationforchange.org www.enna-europe.org louise.brown@ncvo-vol.org.uk @LouiseBrown www.ncvo-vol.org.uk Who are we? How do we work across Europe? How can you reach us? Which elements of the Digital Agenda for Europe
can be achieved with the help of the
voluntary and community sector? How are we connecting people online? ... but that's just the start ... How are we connecting organisations? e-Conference Online network Mentoring Sharing stories http://bit.ly/dsOHHl Develop ways for people to volunteer their ICT skills
in the workplace Recognise and support the role of voluntary and community
groups - 1671 work solely in education and training This presentation http://bit.ly/aT69Sh Over 100 people took part in
an online conference 297 people came to
the website Online discussions included
international collaboration,
voluntary sector workforce &
funding and the compact Manifesto for a Networked Nation - UK 10 m have never used the internet 4 m are amongst the most disadvantaged 39% are over 65 38% are unemployed 19% are families with children Funding organisations should support organisations
to raise awareness of the benefits of technology Industry should consider extending hardware and
software support to charities and community organsations Funders should support capital investment in IT infrastructure Recognise and reward the passing on of ICT skills Allow organisations to exchange ideas and collaborate in order to achieve better outcomes for communities and citizens Emphasise shared European values to people from a wide range of states and backgrounds Mentoring will help participants to understand each others’ work - and the citizens they support - from different perspectives More - and more effective - transnational exchange between organisations that focus on challenges identified by the citizens they exist to serve Supports informal learning for active European citizenship Organisations will develop new skills and knowledge, helping them to support the citizens and communities they serve more effectively Networks of European organisations are better able to access networks of support Better sharing of good practice between organisations in different countries
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