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Freediving in Bonaire

By A Puro Pulmon Freediving School (DeepSea Productions)

Kalu Gil Contreras

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Freediving in Bonaire

One of the most complete Training-Teaching spots in Americas! ... a place to push your limits with Carlos Coste Multiple Guinness World Record & PRO TEAM
Freediving School
Freediving Bonaire
Why choose Bonaire ?
Crystal clear, flat and calm sea all year (Vis: 20-35m, Water Temp: 25-30oC).
Deep waters directly from shore. We have the logistic for you (Student, Competitive Freediver, snorkeler or Instructor).
One of the most amazing and protected Marine Park - Coral Reef in the world.
With Carlos Coste Multiple Guinness World Record Holder, AIDA Freediving and TRX trainer
AIDA Freediving Courses - Activities
* Courses for:
- Beginners
- Snorkelers and Swimmers
- Intermediates
- Advanced
- Eager Instructors

* Activities:
- Freediving Workshop with Carlos Coste
- Freediving trainings
- Professional private training
* Extra (F
reediving equipment
- Professional Freediving gear rental
- Underwater Training Logistic Rental

* More possibilities:
- Yoga retreats, TRX, Kettlebelts, Battling ropes training
- Paddle Board rental with instructing
- REEF SURFER ride (
an extreme experience
- Underwater photo/film sessions and more.

Freediving Courses - Activities
Prices & Details
AIDA Instructor COURSE
(7 - 9 Days)
Instructor: Carlos Coste
Requirements: AIDA four star level or equivalent
Includines: Manual, (IT Certification is not included 50euro)
PRICE: USD$ 1200 (2-6 students)
Freediving Workshop with Carlos Coste
(4 Days)
Only for Freedivers or SpearFishers looking to improve depth, divetime, technique and fitness.
25% Theory & 75% Underwater and dry training
(Includes: Depth Traning, Yoga, TRX, Meditation and More)
PRICE: USD$ 450 (2-6 students)
Freediving Training 41m
(from shore)
90minutes, Depth range: 0-41m
PRICE: USD$ 40 (3-4 students)
"Best Deal"
USD$ 50 (2 students)
USD$ 70 (1 student)
Freediving Training 71m
(from boat)
90minutes, Depth range: 0-71m
PRICE: USD$ 50 (3-4 students)
"Best Deal"
USD$ 60 (2 students)
USD$ 80 (1 student)
Freediving PRO Training
(from Boat, O2 Deco, +)
Ask: puropulmon@gmail.com
Freediving School Bonaire: puropulmon@gmail.com // +599 782 4356
Freediving School Bonaire: puropulmon@gmail.com // +599 782 4356
(1 Day)
For beginners or basic freedivers that like to learn or improve skills in one day.
14 years old (14-17 with parent consent), be able to swim.
1 day:
1x Theory class, 1x breathing-relaxation session, 2x Diving sessions. (incl. diploma)

Freediving School Bonaire: puropulmon@gmail.com // +599 782 4356
(2,5 Days)
For snorkelers and/or swimmers that feel OK in the water.
Carlos Coste
18 years old (16 with parent consent) able to swim.
2,5 days: 2
x Theory classes, 5x Diving sessions. At the end of this course you will be able to freedive 16-21m. (incl. manual & certification card)
Content & Practices:
equalization, breathing and fining techniques, Static, dynamic, constant weight and free immersion disciples. Physiology safety, relaxation, basic yoga and more.

PRICE: USD$ 320 (2-8 students)
AIDA Intermediate *** COURSE
(3 Days)
Intermediate level Course, excellent learning experience.
Carlos Coste
AIDA ** (two stars or equivalent), 18 years old (16 with parent consent).
3 days:
3x Theory classes, 6x Diving sessions. At the end of this course you will be able to freedive 24-31m. (incl. manual & certification card)
Content & Practices:
equalization (frenzel and more), physiology of your lungs and body in freediving, training tables. Static, dynamic, constant weight and free immersion disciplines. Safety, yoga and more.
2min 45sec static apnea, 55m dynamic, +24m Constant Weight and other techniques.
PRICE: USD$ 380 (2-8 students)
AIDA Advanced **** COURSE
(4 Days)
Advanced level Course / Pre-Instructor Course.
Carlos Coste
certification: AIDA *** Freediver (three stars or equivalent) and current First Aid with CPR qualification.
4 days:
3x Theory classes, 6x Diving sessions. At the end of this course you will be able to freedive 32-41m. (incl. manual & certification card)
Content & Practices:
advanced equalization, mouthfill, lung stretching, exhale diving, cross training & nutrition, designing a training session, variable weight, coaching and more.
3min30seg Static, 70m Dynamic, 32-40m Depth.

PRICE: USD$ 420 (2-6 Students)
Freediving Equipment:
Freediving PRO Gear Rental
Carbon fins, nano Mask, rubber weight belt.

PRICES: USD$ 25 (1 Day)
USD$ 40 (2 Days)
(Deposit: USD $100)
Freediving Training Logistic Rental
Buoy, rope, bottom weights, fixed line mooring.

PRICES: USD$ 30 (per Day)
(Deposit: USD $70)
-Boat trips
-Yoga retreats, TRX trainings.
- Paddle Board rental with instructing.
- Underwater photo & film sessions.
- REEF SURFER ride (exiting experience)
- And many more.

Extra possibilities:
Nice double room in our house (2p):
(AC, private bathroom, full space, swimming pool, marina, all amenities. 600m walking to a beatiful beach and 2.5km by car to downtown)
2 Bedroom Apartments:
(Good location & accommodation, quiet, economical packages, AC, kitchen, refrigerator, pool & more)
In Downtown:
50m from the beach:
Note: Please book your accommodation with enough time. (Nov-April is high season in Bonaire)
Flying to Bonaire:
Come & Join us!
Find our:
by DeepSea Productions
A Puro Pulmon
Address: Kaya Grandi 89B, Kralendijk; Bonaire
& DeepSea Store
Contact: puropulmon@gmail.com // +599 7824 356
Direct flights from/to: Houston, Newark, Amsterdam, Curacao and more. Wide Hotel & Apartments accommodation options.
There are wide options of supermarkets-food, different restaurants and actvities like windsurf, kite and more!. Also Hyperbaric chamber & Hospital in Town.
All Inclusive, in front the beach:
Follow us:
Twitter: @ByPureLung
Facebook: APuroPulmonFreediving
Instagram: puropulmon

Trip Advisor: A Puro Pulmón, Bonaire
TAX ABB (6%) not included
TAX ABB (6%) not included
All that you´ll find withing a 1.5Km radius.
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