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Going Green, We've Got the Power

Going Green, We've Got the Power

Danielle Stephenson

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Going Green, We've Got the Power

Problem Burning fossil fuels and polluting is causing global warming. We need a solution, or our earth will be ruined. One problem is that
lots of space is being
taken up by landfills. If we recycle,
we can save space and materials that
are used in making new products. Some materials that can be recycled
paper products
styrofoam Windpower Windmills Generate electrical power Wind power uses wind
to push the blades of
wind turbines and generate
energy.it dosent create any
emissions, so it is good for
the environment. Planting Trees Trees absorb co2
and release oxygen.
With less trees co2
will go up to the
atmosphere amd trap
sunlight next to earth.
Recycling is when products
that have already been used
are sterilized and made into
new products. Other elements like water (hydropower)
and the sun (solar power) can
capture energy withoutcausing global warming.
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