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Censorship Within Literature

No description

Kinsey Milsap

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Censorship Within Literature

Censorship Within Literature

Censorship Begins to have an Affect on Creativity
Censorship has begun to have an affect on the creativity of writers. They are being censored because of the material they write in their books. This is not right because they should have the freedom to express themselves any way they want to. Writers should be able to get creative and not have their works censored. On the other hand, some people do not like certain things mentioned in books. If this is the case, readers should be able to read the censored and/or the uncensored version of the book(s).
Censored and Uncensored Versions of Books
Some people may say that it would take too much time and effort to create a censored and an uncensored version of a book. But in reality it could savor the education of people today and upcoming generations. By providing a censored and uncensored copy of books, people still have the free will to read whatever they please, but those who wish to isolate themselves from certain types of literature are satisfied as well seeing as they do not have to be exposed to what they wish to avoid. By doing this, not only will the freedom of expression be protected, by the quality of education can be made better and more influential.
Censorship in Classrooms
Classrooms today are overflowing with censorship. Teachers strive not to say the wrong things because they know they could lose their job. Moreover, parents live in uneasiness knowing that today's society is making them grow up too fast. Students are starting to deal with more advanced material and mature subject matters in the classroom. Some parents are upset because they do not want their kids exposed to mature content. However, some parents want their children to learn about these things in classrooms because they will learn about them one way or another. On top of this, it is hard for English teachers to come up with lessons for the day that do not interfere with censorship. Some of the best literature works have been banned from classrooms just because of complaining parents. The teachers, parents, and students of today have all been bombarded by censorship in classrooms and it is starting to leave a mark on them.
There are multiple laws that have tried to ban literature, and they can be traced back to as early as 500 B.C. The most important case of censorship took place in 399 B.C. where the Romans wanted to stop an ancient Athenian philosopher's ideas from being published, thus leading to the first major case of censorship. Burning literature works has been one of the most popular ways of destroying literature. Censorship is really just disagreements between people on a topic that creates controversy, and is then stopped through force, whether it is an idea, book, movie, etc. Censorship could be monitored by simply adding a free speech rule that accompanies anything and everything that should be protected, and then start censoring anything outside of that.

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Censorship has taken over the world today as we know it, for the good, and for the bad. It has affected teachers, parents, and students in the classroom. The government has banned books from classrooms due to certain materials covered within them. Books were not always censored, but they can be traced back to 500 B.C. Some of the most important cases of censorship have taken place in 399 B.C., when the Romans wanted to stop an ancient Athenian philosopher’s ideas from being published. This lead to the first major case of censorship ever recorded in history. As you can tell, censorship has escalated dramatically from 399 B.C. to 2014. There is more censorship today than we have ever had, and it is starting to have an effect on the population of the world.

By: Camryn Cottrell, Maxx Jenkins, Kinsey Milsap, and Cammie Phillips
Background of Censorship and Laws that should be created for Censorship
There has been more than 11,300 books to be censored since 1982 according to the American Library Association.
Fahrenheit 451 touches the controversial topic of book banning and burning. The book talks about how the government supposedly created the book banning laws because it wanted to protect the citizens, but in turn, goes into massive chaos. It really shows how life is today, and how freedoms are protected, but in reality, they are not.
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