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Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 2

No description

Tobie Bowkett

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 2

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 2
Toby the tram engine
Toby is a steam tram.
Toby has cowcatchers and side plates and he has a coach called
. Toby is old, square and is made of wood. Toby also has a bell on his roof. The driver and fireman start Toby up with burning coal and boiling water to make steam. The passengers sit in
and are pulled along by Toby and have a smooth ride to different stations.
Toby once helped
when she got stuck up a muddy hill.
Emily the large Stirling Single Engine
Emily is a steam tender engine who runs on coal.
Emily has big wheels and she is a dark green colour. Emily doesn't have a number on her tender. Emily has 2 coaches, a small roof and tall funnel. Emily is a bossy, but a clever and cheerful character.
Emily once rescued
Oliver the Great Western Engine
nearly crashed into him on a crossing.
Diesel the Diesel Engine
Diesel is a black diesel engine.
Diesel sometimes like to cause trouble and bumps trucks and steam engines.
Diesel has a square face, six wheels and is devious. Diesel has red stripes on the front and the back and is jealous of steamies.
Diesel once pushed some trucks from the quay and into the sea.
Mavis the quarry diesel engine
Mavis is a female diesel engine
Mavis loves to work at the quarry.
She keeps
Bill and Ben
the tank

engine twins

in order. Mavis has a cowcatcher and side plates just like

. She's black, has yellow stripes and red stripes on the front and back.
Mavis once saved
from a collapsing bridge that looked like a tightrope.
The Fat Controller
The Fat Controller is head of the whole railway.
He has a top hat, a waste coat and smart shoes.
When the engine get into trouble The Fat Controller tells them off. The Fat Controller is sometimes a bit of a kind person. He wants to make sure all of his engines are always on time. His really name is Sir Topham Hatt.
Once The Fat Controller got a bit messy on his way to his wife's party.
These are my cowcatchers.
Move to the part when Mavis gets stuck and Toby helps her where the arrow is.
Move to the part when Emily rescues Oliver where the arrow is.
Move to the part when Diesel pushes the trucks into the sea where the arrow is.
Move to the part where Mavis rescues Toby from the broken bridge where the arrow is.
Move to the part where The Fat Controller gets messy where the arrow is.
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