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Distinction In Public Affairs: IPALs

No description

Hannah Philpot

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Distinction In Public Affairs: IPALs

International Public Affairs Leaders Research Call to Action Campus
Community Goal Strengthen existing groups and form new organizations Intramural Sports University Ambassadors: International Roommates Raise awareness about diversity Enhance cultural competence Conduct research Public Affairs Conference 2011 International Student Population International Student Services Student Organizations Services MSU Currently Provides for International Students: Diversity China: 669
Saudi Arabia: 197
South Korea: 94
India: 76
Total: 1285 Statistics: Retention Inclusion Tours during Orientation IPALs Mentorship Program: Recruit upperclassmen "mentors" in spring semester Cultural expression
Physical Health
Living conditions
housing Application process Pair incoming students with a mentor with similar interests/hobbies Barriers: Informal "hang outs" and organized group activities Faculty/staff inclusion Become Registered Student Organization Accountability Recognition at graduation Questions? Comments? Contact Us Increase Internship opportunities for International students MSU
Growth "Like" us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Watch our interviews Special thanks: Neosha Mackey
Jodi Pritt
Wes Pratt
The Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Dean Michael Jungers
Dr. Stephanie Hein
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