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Events to Heroic Actions

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Hailey Bos

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Events to Heroic Actions

Some people experience large amounts of pressure before performing a heroic deed, inflicted from anything from stress to other people. Though some people don't work well under pressure, it can lead to an action that may save and help others.
Another big reason for heroic actions is when the person overcomes their fear and find courage. This is somewhat common, like if a person knows how to help, but is scared to. Eventually, the person finds courage and may save lives.
Having responsibility over something may lead to heroic actions. Knowing that the responsibility is on them, the person may be as strong as they can to fulfill the task. If you have to do anything and take pride in it, you'd want to make everyone proud. It can be as simple as if you were babysitting a kid. You'd be responsible for anything that happens.
Fear and courage could go with other causes, like they were scared of the pressure or responsibility of the act. Like mentioned before, the person stands up and uses bravery to help others.
Thank you
What Does This Mean?
As you might know, heroes are admired for courage, loyalty, and other noble attributes. Some are simply born that way, others go through different events that lead them to perform a heroic deed or action. There is always a reason for a person's actions, or there should be. Not only in real life, but in writing and fiction there are heroes.
Heroism is often found in the most unlikeliest of people. Different events and feelings can lead this person to become something they may have never thought they could be, and it often depends on how the person uses it. A bad person may become a hero if put under the right circumstances, but every person has their own reasons for their actions.
Events Leading to Heroic Actions
Hailey Bos | Mrs. Hanner | 2nd period | Level 3 Choice 2
When a person needs to serve something or someone, it is often their job to protect or help them, which can clearly lead to a heroic deed when the person is needed. Serving could refer to a job, or the military, and many others that may cause an important task to be fufilled. Service makes the person want to do their best to help others.
for your time and attention!
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