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Julia Gallagher

No description

Katrina Dye

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Julia Gallagher

Truancy, tardiness, students not being kept track of well enough, people sneaking into the school, students forgetting their homework, students not using mandatory technological equipment, students being left in the building during a fire or other evacuation of the building, etc.
isometric sketch
What makes your design i
It is a futuristic, technologically advanced way of solving common problems. They are also similar to things that we have now, but with fewer problems.
What was the inspiration for your
I was in class, thinking about potential problems and their solutions when I realized I was staring at the sign out sheet by the door. It reminded me of how, in a science fiction show, microchips were used to keep track of everyone on the base. Obviously, there were many ethical problems concerning the possible injection of a foreign material and possible contaminants into public school students, but there had to be other ways, so I just kept thinking about it and eventually came up with this
user friendly
What five adjectives would best represent your design?
Innovative, economic, useful, secure, convenient.
What types of careers are the students of 2050 preparing for?
a large spectrum of jobs. STEM type jobs will probably be popular because we have put ourselves into an age of technology. There will probably be many entertainers, as there are in present days.
What sorts of issues will be most important to the students of 2050?
Running out of fossil fuels- if they are one of the few that still uses them, living on Mars, etc.

A mandatory wristband made by the school that will keep track of the students. It would be available in different patterns or colors, so the students would enjoy wearing them instead of taking them off whenever they can. The WristBand keeps track of the students during school hours, checks them in and out of various areas in the school, alerts them of warnings given to them by teachers, reads aloud homework assignments, and even syncs with their Desktops to make sure they are in the right desks.

lakeside 2050: the average 14 year old girl
a glimpse into the future of lakeside school district
julia gallagher
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