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Gold: The Element

Gold , or as the Periodic Table of Elements symbolizes it, Au, has been around since 19th century America and Medieval Times Egypt. Gold had many uses back then and it still does today, even in the use of electricity.

brittany jackson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Gold: The Element

Gold's Atomic Number is 79 Gold has 2 Valence Electrons Gold's Chemical Symbol is Au Gold's average atomic mass is 196.96655 Gold comes from the Latin word, Aurum, meaning gold Groups 3-12 of the Periodic Table of Elements consist of Tranistion metals, which are metals that are ductible, malleable, good conductors of heat and electricity, and their valence electrons are found in more than 11 shell. Gold is considered a Transition metal. Gold is commonly found in mines where specks or flakes of gold are found in rocks and then it is turned into bars, coins, or bullions of gold Gold is commonly used by people for jewelry, conduction of heat and electricity, aurospace scienece,and even as an investment. 5 compounds Gold can form is: 1. Pulvis Auri, or powder gold

2. Auri Lobidum, or Iodide of gold

3. Auri Et. Sodiichloridum, or Choride of Gold and Sodium

4. Auri Peroxidum, or Auric Acid

5. Perchloride or Potable Gold Gold's compounds are mostly man-made simply because most of them are formed due to mixing solutions, disolving metals, and triturating leafs of gold Gold is mostly found today in South Africa. Gold is also the most produced metal in South Africa today. Evidence of Gold dates back to Medival Egypt when it was discovered and has since then been found all over the world in large quanitites. Gold was also discovered in 19th century America when James W. Marshall came upon gold flakes on John Sutter's Mill. Gold has also been found in parts of Austrailia and Canada as well. 1.An interesting fact about Gold is that it is considered to be a very good investment to the everyday person, even if you don't own actual gold. .Gold is also resistant to mold and is commonly used in the auro-space industry.
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