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Copy of Muscle Contraction Project

No description

Victoria Prior

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Muscle Contraction Project

Case Study
Muscle Contraction
- role of neurotransmitters
- how we can inhibit muscle

" Prior to intubation for a surgical procedure the anaesthetist administered a single dose of the neuromuscular blocking agent succinylcholine to a 23-year-old male to provide muscular relaxation during surgery and to facilitate the insertion of the endotracheal tube. Following this the inhalation anaesthetic was administered and the surgical procedure completed"
Normal Muscular Contraction
The Membrane of a Motor Neuron Axon
Synaptic Terminal
Sliding Filament Theory
Fibrils slide over each other, shortening the length of the sarcomere. This results in contraction of the muscle
Medical Pastiche, "Nailing your First Intubation, 2010, accessed on 09/04/13<http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_miFTpTj57Hg/TFtQUExfdxI/AAAAAAAABQI/7g50yUFFebw/s1600/intubation.jpg>
OkeBiologyInfo, "Action Potential", 2012, accessed on 09/04/13, <http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-b8S1c41K6Hk/TxeqeplM6II/AAAAAAAAAnA/thUIdMbwNz4/s1600/actionPotential.jpg>
Bailey Bio, "Sarcomere", accessed 09/04/13<http://www.baileybio.com/plogger/images/anatomy___physiology/05._powerpoint_-_muscular_system/sarcomere.jpg>
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Thanks for Listening
Would anyone like to ask a Question?
A depolarising neuromuscular blocker
ACh is hydrolised by acetylcholinesterase,
preventing accumulation in the neuromus-
-cular junction
How else can we inhibit
muscule contraction?
Anything affecting the:

-binding ability to receptors
e.g. Curare - a substance used by native
South Americans on arrow heads to induce
temporary paralysis
- prevents the membrane from repolarising
- maintains the membrane potential above the threshold
- its breakdown by enzymes is slower than the breakdown of ACh by acetylcholinesterase
How does succinylcholine work?
Ehow, "Uses of Enzymes", accessed on 09/04/13,<http://www.ehow.com/about_4793719_uses-of-enzymes.html>
acetic acid
in conclusion...

- prevents repolarisation of the post synaptic fibre

- inhibits muscle contraction

- Vocal chords and trachea muscles relax

- Alows for succesfull intubation of patient
Jonas Appiah-Ankam and Jennifer M Hunter
Pharmacology of neuromuscular blocking drugs
Contin Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain (2004) 4(1): 2-7 doi:10.1093/bjaceaccp/mkh002
Action Potential
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