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Chasing Vermeer

No description

Rishab Vivek

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Chasing Vermeer

Petra and Calder get to know each other. Petra gets suspicious of Ms.Hussey. Calder is using his pentominoes to help him find out why Ms.Hussey is acting weird. . A 'T' landed under Ms.Hussey's desk, Calder wondered what it meant. Petra goes to a bookstore called 'Powells' and she notices that Mr.Watch, the library man, place a
package in the bookstore.
Petra observes the package
which said "To Ms.Sharpe". Petra
immediately rips open the
package and sees the book
title: "Lo!" Obstacle 2

Calder notices weird things
happening with Ms. Hussey
and so does Petra. Calder's
pentominoes, which he carries
around with him all the time.
Pentominoes are letters that you
make words with. When Calder picks out a pentomino from his pocket, he tries to make words with them and tries to find out what it means. Obstacle 5 Start Petra reads the book "Lo!" by Charles Font. Font observes and writes weird things happening to people or places, an example would be:" Frogs fall from the sky in London"said on one newspaper. Another one would be, "6 people disappear in Yorkshire and were found a week later in a desert in the Middle-East. They say they did not know how they appeared here", it said on Times Magazine.
Petra tells these weird stories that Font wrote to Calder. Calder didn't believe it. Petra tells Calder that they should be doing an investigation on the missing Vermeer painting," The Lady Writing", that disappeared when it was being transferred to another art museum. Game Start: Chasing Vermeer Made by: Rishab Software Obstacle 3 Obstacle 4 Climb, catch Old
Fred YOU WIN 3 people receive a
letter from an unknown person wanting those 3 people to help steal an old
painting. Now
will they be
doing it? A
really hard decision to be
made. New Game


Wi-Fi "Can't
Fred Obstacle 1 "Uh,Uh,Uh"
- Calder Jump Push! Jump, again Double
Jump "I'll catch
you Old Fred
"- Calder "Already
Old Fred or fight the
monster and
catch him a shorter way. Grab the
sword! Obstacle 6
Calder meets Petra at her house. Petra showed the letter she found. It was like the letter that came on the newspaper this morning. Petra told Calder if Ms.Sharpe was helping the thief or if someone snuck it there. They had to do further investigation. The next day an ambulance arrived at Ms.Sharpe's house. Clader thought "If i saw it Petra saw it." Calder rushed out the door and arrived at Ms.Sharpe's house. Petra was already there. Ms.Sharpe was being rolled out on a bed. She was in pain. Ms.Sharpe spotted Petra and Calder. "Stop" she yelled at the doctor. Ms.Sharpe called Petra and Calder over and handed Calder a note.
She directed them not to open it and give it straight to Ms.Hussey. Calder and Petra walked together to hand the mail to Ms.Hussey. On the way, Calder tripped and dropped the letter. A man stepped on it. He stopped and talked in a French accent and asked them if this letter was being delivered to the Post Office. Petra was helping Calder up and replied, " Yes." Petra and Calder were about to open it before the french man came. The french man asked if he could deliver it. Petra allowed the man to deliver it. Calder and Petra made a mistake. They had to tell the truth to Ms.Sharpe. Calder get's help from his pentominoes and finds out what the 't' meant when it landed under Ms.Hussey's desk.Trouble. Ms.Hussey was sent to jail the next morning for something that had to do with the Lady Writing. Petra and Calder think that somehow they are involved with the theft of Lady Writing. When Ms. Hussey comes back from jail she looked troubled, like she was involved in something really bad. That day was a free draw and everyone enjoyed except Calder and Petra. Is Ms.Hussey the thief? Class ended and Calder and Petra left class. Petra forgot something in Ms.Hussey's classroom. Petra sprints to the classroom and sees Ms.Hussey crying about something on the phone.
The next day Calder and Petra were walking back from school. Clader went back to his house. Petra walked by herself. While Petra was walking she found a letter hiding in the bushes of Ms.Sharpe's house. She immediately calls Calder. Jump Petra told Calder about the words Ms. Sharpe said to them. At that night Petra and Calder came back to the building. It was about to close down. Calder and Petra made a move. They ran up to the entrance, but right there was the french person who they saw near the post office. They made a run for it. They ran up stairs and crossed halls till they disappeared from the french man. Calder and Petra came into a long dark passageway. Calder took out his flashlight and opened it, the light was dim. Lots of time it blacked out, until they found a glowing EXIT sign. They found stairs and rushed down it, when Petra stopped. She counted 12 steps from the bottom. She asked Calder to go underneath. On the wall were squares inside a giant square. She counted 12 of the small squares and pushed it. The wall began to move and there came a entrance. Inside was a painting wrapped. It was the Lady writing.
Old Fred was the thief of the Lady Writing, the famous painting painted by Vermeer. Old Fred was also in disguise and was actually not Old Fred, but a person named Xavier Glitts.
Old Fred was caught by police and sent to jail for stealing one of the most expensive paintings in the world. Petra and Calder meet Ms.Sharpe at
the hospital. Petra felt really bad
coming here, telling her. Petra told
the whole story to Ms.Sharpe, from when they were suspicious about the letter and tried to open it, to the man who helped mail it to the post office. Ms.Sharpe started bursting out with laughter. Calder later on took out his pentominoes. Ms.Sharpe asked if she could see it. Ms.Sharpe made 5 letter words! It is almost impossible to do it. She created 7 different words. After the visit to Ms.Sharpe Calder and Petra went to get ice scream from Diana Hall. There were thousands of college students. While Calder and Petra were walking down the winding staircase Petra was wondering about the words Ms.Sharpe said at the hospital. It had to be something important that she said. Then her mind something important. They had to come back, and it should be tonight. Obstacle 6 Obstacle 7 "Got
Calder "Noooo"-
Old Fred
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