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Why Social Media? The #ukhousing Broken Record

NFA Conference 160714

Nick Atkin

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Why Social Media? The #ukhousing Broken Record

Why Social Media? The #ukhousing Broken Record
Misplaced Assumptions
11 Most
Common Excuses
The Benefits
A Few Final Thoughts

What are you going to change after today?
You can't stop progress
The way the world communicates has changed forever
You Decide....
Thanks for listening!

Nick Atkin
Direct dial: 0151 510 5101
Mob: 07903 594 827
Twitter: @nickatkin_hht
Skype: nickatkin_hht
Email: nick.atkin@haltonhousing.org

Nick Atkin
16th July 2014
The Digital Revolution is Happening
Did You Know?
- mobile subscriptions overtook landline subscriptions
- first iPhone launched
- 1bn smartphones sold worldwide (675m in 2012)
- mobile Internet will overtake desktop internet usage
of UK population of 63m own a smartphone/tablet
of the UK population used social networking sites last year
of UK residents already have access to the Internet
of UK households no longer have a landline number

There are now more smartphones in the UK than there are people!
Do you check every email, letter & phone call?
What does your customer profiling tell you?
Growth in SM is across the generations
How are you planning for this?
What are your customers saying about you?
SM – the ‘new metric’?
Real time information flows 24/7 365
It saves money & revolutonises services
Only t**ts
72% daily
19% weekly
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