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Social media to the rescue: EUROCONTROL's response to the volcanic ashcloud crisis

This presentation is about EUROCONTROL's use of social media during the volcano eruption that disrupted European air traffic from 14-23 April 2010.

Aurelie Valtat

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Social media to the rescue: EUROCONTROL's response to the volcanic ashcloud crisis

Social media EUROCONTROL's response to the volcanic ashcloud crisis The actors The channels The plot The recipe airlines airports European institutions national authorities travelers media Lessons learnt 14-23 April 2010 in Europe:
100,000 flights cancelled
10 million people affected
1.7 billion $ cost for airlines globally
34 countries affected (77% of ECAC airspace)
The questions The answers some great stories Be simple Be honest Be fun Be there Be live Be connected Be in tune Be multilingual Be a good person to the rescue Integrate social media into crisis comms plan
Go live!
Less push < more pull Stay in touch! Be careful Some figures:
From 300 to 7,300 in a week, now almost 19,000
av. 1 tweet per day to 100 tweets
from 4 questions in 4 months to 200 questions a day Sources: European Commission, IATA, Wikipedia from 2,000 to over 5,000 fans (now 7,000)
boom in visitor engagement Media coverage:
6,000 press calls
1,000 press emails
28 press statements
4 press conferences
100s of interviews
EUROCONTROL mentioned in 46,856 articles from 15-26 April Web statistics:
5,000% increase in visits and unique no. of visitors
2 million pages viewed
500,000 unique visitors
Bounce rate and time spent on site increased
Top traffic sources: BBC, Le Monde, El Pais, our social media accounts, CFMU
Visitors from 210 countries (top 3: US, Europe and Canada)

twitter.com/avaltat "We love you guys at Eurocontrol, you rock"
A follower Spread the burdenSocial media people are media peopleTrust your people who? how? @avaltat
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