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Raeley Brock

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Tuareg

The Sahara is the world's largest desert. Its size defies imagination: 3.3 million square miles .
The Sahara hosts some 70 species of mammals, 90 species of resident birds, 100 species of reptiles.Perhaps the Sahara's most famous animal is the dromedary camel.
To trade caravans that brought gold, ivory, salt and slaves north, and commercial goods and metals south.For nearly 500,000 years, the Sahara has attracted people from throughout North Africa.
The Sahara holds the world record for heat 136 degrees. Rain in the Sahara is rare. More than 75 percent of the Sahara receives less rain than 4 inches a year.
They live in tents. They live in tents because were they are it is hot.
By: Raeley Brock

Adapt to land
The Sahara is made up of sand rocks so it is hard to grow crops. You can grow plants or crops if you live near a river.

The Tuareg economy revolved around trans-Saharan trade.
Many Tuareg settled into the communities with which they traded, serving as local merchants and representatives for their nomadic relations.
The Tuareg uses camels to go to place to place.
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