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Ukraine's advantages and disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Ukraine

Aryan Gupta

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Ukraine's advantages and disadvantages

Ukraine's Advantages and Disadvantages
Pros and Cons of Ukraine
it is a natural and renewable resource
it is free
needs less maintenance
produces no carbon dioxide
we can save power, reduces pollution
environmentally friendly
it can be installed anywhere
the sun is renewable.

it is not predictable of how much solar energy will come, solar
on the time of the day,
no sun, no solar power,
it doesn't produce much energy for Ukraine,
sun doesn't come everyday,
expensive, and
relies on location of sun.
Disadvantages of solar energy
Nuclear energy's advantages and disadvantages
natural and renewable
Fusion produces few dangerous wastes
Fission provides alternative sources of energy
It is a small amount of matter that creates a large amount of energy
very low pollution
lots of energy is generated from a single power plant
The disadvantages of Ukraine is that it is more expensive to build and maintain
Chernobyl mishap ( a nuclear reactor exploded in Chernobyl, Ukraine
waste products are dangerous and need to be kept stored
produces dangerous wastes for Ukraine
it is difficult to restore radioactive wastes
if a nuclear reactor explodes, then it can render hundreds of miles and it is inhabitable
Fusion- very high temperatures are required for reaction to take place.
Disadvantages of Nuclear energy
Solar energy's advantages and disadvantages
Advantages of Solar energy
Advantages of Biomass
Biomass energy's advantages and disadvantages
By Aryan Gupta
Biomass is renewable
it is widely available
abundant supply
Biomass waste extends life of landfills
can make our life easier
very large resource
can make a variety of fuels to generate electricity
good for environment
can create several production
we might run out of plants and animals
some pollutants are released into the atmosphere
Biomass contributes to Global warming
it is a major cause of pollution
requires space
some materials are not available all year round
harmful emissions
Disadvantages of Biomass
The advantages for Hydroelectric energy
it is inexpensive and causes less pollution for Ukraine
it is a renewable and a natural resource
no fuel cost
environmentally friendly
easy maintenance
labor costs are low
they don't burn the fossil fuels
Hydroelectricity's advantages and disadvantages
Disadvantages for Hydroelectric energy
there is very little water sources in Ukraine
environmental problems and issues
wildlife and fish get affected
cannot be built anywhere
dam failure
expensive to build a dam
flooding of large areas of land means that the natural environment is destroyed
Advantages of wind energy
Wind energy's advantages and disadvantages
renewable resource
natural resource
the costs are low
can be used almost anywhere
wind turbines are a great resource to generate energy in Ukraine
wind is free
wind energy is eco-friendly
wind turbines take up less space than the average power station
Disadvantages of wind energy
in many areas, the winds strength is too low to support a wind turbine
if you live near wind turbines, it is a lot of noise pollution. It can disturb you a lot. It's a major disadvantage.
expensive for wind turbine construction
wind turbines produce a lot less electricity than an average fossil fuelled power station
Advantages for Geothermal energy
Geothermal advantages and disadvantages
renewable resource
natural resource
no pollution
significant cost saving
reduce reliance on fossil fuels
direct use
creates jobs and benefits
has big capacity in creating clean and safe environment
has an excellent source of cheap, reliable, clean, simple, and renewable power
Disadvantages of Geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is not being used widely around the world
a lot of people don't use this resource a lot
high installation costs
not widespread source of energy
can run out of steam
suited to a particular region
could release harmful gases
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