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Hood Rich - How Shutting the sash can save some CASH

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Neil Baunsgard

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of Hood Rich - How Shutting the sash can save some CASH

Background Hood Rich How Shutting the Sash Can Save Some Cash Campus Sustainability Planing Studio Winter 2011 By Neil Baunsgard and Matt Reider Previous Works What is a fume hood? Fume hoods use more energy
than 3 average households! Harvard's Shut the Sash campaign has saved over $250,000 per year. What have Others done? Western's Shut the Sash Plan Previous CSPS class did a short term study in
Chem Building with only 1 email and saved $2200
in heating energy! Step 1: Baseline Gather airflow data on a lab by lab basis for a month of regular use Step 2: Promotional Materials Potential Impact Harvard's campaign lowered the sash from an average of 12 in to 2 in
If Shut-the-Sash were to do that at Western we could save $1,400 in energy costs per hood per year. As well as reduce our CO2 Emissions by up to 250 tons per hood per year.
198 hoods on campus Sash WWU uses 40,000,000 KWH every year! Montenegro
Pop: 618,000 WWU
Daytime Pop around 16,000 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday What is a fume hood and why does it use so much energy? What have other universities done? What can Western do to combat this issue? Future Works Two main strategies Step 3:Competition Future Works Implementation "I think Outreach is the key here. When we fall behind in the program for a month or two you can see that in the trends."
Jamie Bevis~
Harvard Shut the Sash Cordinator 61 Other Hoods
beyond BIO and Chem Thank you! Monthly Pizza Parties

Quarterly Wine and Cheese Parties Shut the Sash
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