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GBS Crash Course: Science ACT

No description

Lisa Yee

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of GBS Crash Course: Science ACT

555-6667 main strategies
Practice timing and questions in the TLC
Full practice test on ACTstudent.org in 35 min.
Questions? Email: LPavic@glenbrook225.org
To know the directions of the test and what to do to complete the test.
To know the three types of questions to expect and which to complete first.

To know the pacing required to answer every question.

To develop CONFIDENCE about the Science Reasoning Test

Have an offensive and defensive plan--Don't just go in and answer the questions
It's time to INFER

Dilly Dae
The Offense
Science Reasoning Goals
Our Goal
ACT 36 Science Reasoning To-do List
The Offense continued
How can I remember all this?!
Just TRY it using a different method
Don't forget
Charts & Graphs
Conflicting Viewpoints
I will provide you with some strategies that will help you increase your score. You, however, will have to practice these strategies or review them before you take the ACT, or you will probably forget.
Do the following BEFORE you take the ACT
Practice one science question a week in the TLC (other subjects available too!)
Do a COMPLETE practice test in 35 minutes.
The Opposition
Starting Lineup
Another Numbers Game
Simple Algebra Skills are needed

Essential to use data in the form of graphs and tables
Sizing up the Opponent
Minimize Anxiety
Know :
Graphing Skills based
Extra information-useless
Science Offense Continued
Test Format
4 Topic Areas
Earth Science
ACT Science Portion will test skills rather than content knowledge.
You won't have to recall large amounts of specific content
There are 7 passages and each followed by a set of questions
Mental Preparation
Understand the basic information given
Apply science concepts
Analyze the correctness of a hypothesis of conclusion drawn
3 Passages are "Charts & Graphs" followed by 5 questions
3 passages are "Experiments" followed by 6 questions
1 passage is a "Conflicting Viewpoint" followed by 7 questions
Not a phone number to call! But memorize this so that you go in the order that will give you the best score.

Do the passages with 5 questions first, 6 questions second, and 7 questions last.

I have a type A personality...Why can't I just go from start to finish???
Do these first!
Find the Charts & Graphs
With Charts & Graphs, you can find and manipulate the data which you do not understand.

3 passages
Followed by 5 questions
Easiest and fastest way to get points
3.5 minutes time to complete
In booklet _____ mark the data reps in the upper part of the page with a "5"
You should find 3 passages of Data Reps

Try one Data Rep and remember:
Don't read intro material unless you HAVE to
Do these first when you take the Science ACT
3.5 minutes MAX time allowed
Now try it
The information needed to answer each question is in the passage!
Only one passage in the science ACT
Followed by 7 questions
For example: a debate
1. Glance at question stems
2. Six minutes to complete
3. Actively read--underline, circle, point, TAG

Find the conflicting viewpoint in your packet and try one
Read the question stem carefully
You will not use all the information given
It is actually very easy to mix up information on tables and graphs
Pay attention- Every question counts!
Don't fall for a Flowery Answer
Ridiculously long and drawn out answers are not correct.

If the information looks foreign, or totally does not make sense, it probably is not correct either
Use the left and right arrow to move around.
Click an object to zoom in and space to zoom out.

The Test
40 questions
35 minutes
The directions-See BEFORE the actual test
Do these second
Crash Course: ACT Science
While you are waiting, think about the following:

1. How is science similar to a smartphone?

2. What score do you need to earn on the science portion of the ACT?

To reach my personal goal I must answer __/40 or __% correctly on the Science Reasoning Test
The test is based on process and very little content (Maybe 2-3 questions)
Do the Charts & Graphs First
Rate the remaining passages

Skim the question stems
Complete the passages
Answer the questions
Review your answer sheet
3 passages in the Science ACT
Followed by 6 questions
For example: paragraph 1 vs. paragraph 2 vs. paragraph 3
1. Read question FIRST--it tells you where to go (play TAG)
2. Go to background info if clueless
3. Five-Six minutes to complete
Find the 3 Experiments
Try one for six minutes
How did you do?
The answers are in the passage

Questions tell you exactly where to go
--> Play "TAG" with information in question stem
At some point complete the entire Science portion
35 minutes
Go OUT Of order
1. Charts & Graphs (555)
2. Experiments (666)
3. Conflicting Viewpoint (7)
The Game Plan
Opening Drive
Do 3 Charts & Graphs first
3.5 minutes each
any order
9-10 minutes
Final Four
Remaining Four passages
any order, easiest first (less reading)
6 minutes each
24 minutes
2 minute warning
Check every answer
Answer every question- You will not get points off
The TLC has a new practice question every week!
Directions: Each of the following seven passages is followed by several questions. After reading each passage, decide on the best answer and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. You are allowed to refer to the passage while answering the questions.
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