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The Pardoner's Tale & the Tale of the Three brothers

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Pang Yang

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of The Pardoner's Tale & the Tale of the Three brothers

The Pardoner's Tale
The Tale of the Three Brothers Pang Jennie Yang
English 12, 2nd
May 6, 2013 Outline Thesis: Rowling's The Tale of the Three Brothers are based off of Pardoner's Tale, but there are also distinct differences. Pardoner's Tale The three men decided to find this Death and seek revenge! They came across an old man.
They questioned him of Death. I.The Pardoner’s Tale
A.During the plague, there were three men who all lived in Belgium. They heard the death bell and asked the servant what had happened to him; the servant replied that it is Death who took their friend’s life.
1.The three men decided to find this Death the servant speaks of.
2.They say they are not afraid of Death.
B.They came across an old man.
1.The old man speaks of Death and of how he wished Death won’t even take away his life.
2.The three men believed that the old man had a pact with Death, so they threatened him to tell them where they could find death.
a)He replied “Towards that grove, I left him there today. Under a tree..And God protect you that redeemed mankind…”
b)When they came under the tree, they did not find Death, but they did find 8 barrels of gold coins!
C.They were all so happy and filled with joy they found gold just lying there that they forgotten all about Death
D.The oldest brother decided to make a plan to send one of the other two to town to get “bread and wine” while the other two watch the gold, but in his mind he had something else planned.
1.So it was the youngest that was chosen to go back to town.
E.They became greedy because of the gold.
1.While he was gone, the oldest brother talked the middle brother into killing the youngest brother, so they both can have gold.
a)The middle brother agreed with the plan.
2.The youngest brother also had something else planned. He was also greedy, so he decided to buy rat poison from the apothecary in town.
a)He borrowed three bottles of wine and put the poison in two and left one clean.
F.When the youngest brother got back to the tree, the middle brother said he wanted to wrestle and play around.
1.They wrestled for a bit then the oldest one stabbed the youngest, and the middle one also stabbed the youngest.
G.They sat down and drank the drinks that the youngest one brought back.
1.They both died from the poison, and atlas they did find Death.
II.The Tale of the Three Brothers (video)
A.There were once brothers traveling along a lonely road. They reached a river dangerous to pass, but they passed because they were taught magical arts, and they simply waved their wands and made a bridge to cross over.
1.Before they could pass over the bridge, they found their path blocked by a hooded figure.
2.It was death himself. He felt cheated. Cheated because every traveler would drown normally.
B.Death was cunning though. He pretended to congratulate them on their magic and said that they each get a prize.
1.The oldest brother asked for a wand more powerful than any other.
a)Death made him the wand from an else tree, and that is why they call the wand, “the elder wand.”
2.The second brother humiliated Death even more. He asked for the power to recall loved ones from the dead.
a)Death got a stone from the river and offered it to him. This stone was later called the “resurrection stone.”
3.When death ask the youngest brother what he wanted, he simply ask for something that would allow him to go forward from that place without being followed by Death.
a)Death handed over his own “cloak of invisibility.”
C.The three brothers went their own ways.
1.The first brother went to a distant village, killed a wizard he once quarreled with and boasted of the wand he got from Death himself.
a)That night another stole his wand, slit the first brother’s throat; Death took the first brother.
2.The second brother had gone home, turned the stone three times and brought back the girl he was supposed to marry before she died.
a)She was full of sorrow and sadness, so he decided to kill himself to join her.
3. The third brother, Death could not find.
a)Until old age came, he never took off his cloak. When that day came, he gave the cloak to his son then joined Death as an old friend.
III. Similarities
A. They both have the similar story line.
1. Both includes three men as part of the story
a) The three rioters
b) The peverell brothers
2. Both includes Death
3. All characters in both stories had to make decisions in the story
a) The three men in Pardoner’s Tale had to make a decision whether or not they should kill for more gold
b) The three brothers had to make a decision of what gift they shall receive from Death
IV. Differences
A. The way Death is depicted is different
1. In Pardoner’s Tale, Death is disguised as the character moral flaws
2. The Tale of the Three Brothers, Death is himself. (hooded figure)
B. The difference from the more of the tales
1. Pardoner’s Tale is bleak one
2. The Tale of the Three Brothers is ended with Hope.
C. The ending
1. In Pardoner’s Tale the three men died because of greed
2. In The Tale of the Three Brothers, they all died but the youngest didn’t die till old age; he went with Death as an old friend. Finally found Death. The Tale of the Three Brothers Similarities Similar Story Line Both includes three men as a part of the stories. Both includes Death. All the men had to make a decision. Differences The way Death is depicted. In Pardoner's Tale In The Tale of the Three Brothers Different Morals According to www.leaky-cauldron.org, the morals of the two tales are different. "The moral is bleak one, with a haunting inference that Death will come for everyone, despite well-laid plans and intentions. Pardoner's Tale- bleak dark moral... The Tale of the Three Brothers- Hopeful moral.. "Rowling's tale ends not in neatly packaged bleakness,.., but with hope. She turns Death from an adversary who must be defeated into a friend and an equal, whom one can meet gladly." The End Work Cited Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. New York: Scholastic, Arthur A. Levine Books, 2007.

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