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10 Facts: Manifest Destiny

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anthony miller

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 Facts: Manifest Destiny

10 Facts: Manifest Destiny
The Monroe Doctrine is an example behind the mood and ideas of Manifest Destiny.
The Mexican-American war ended February 2, 1848 because of The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildalgo which made the U.S. reach the pacific coast, which was the goal.
In 1845, the term, ¨Manifest Destiny" came to be because of John L. O´Sullivan.
Manifest Destiny is what Imperialism is now.
In 1835, the English-Speaking settlers rebelled in attempt to have an independent state.
Many things happened, which led to the annexation of texas.
It was set of beliefs that had a variety of ideas about race, religion, culture, and economic necessity.
Manifest Destiny led to the Civil War.
Expansionists used the term Manifest
Destiny to justify their wishes.
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