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The Antykythera Wreck

No description

Mr. Stack

on 22 December 2015

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Transcript of The Antykythera Wreck

What is it?
The Antikythera wreck was the first known shipwreck to be recorded. It is also the largest shipwreck discovered. Scientists think that the Antikythera sank beetween 70 B.C. and 60 B.C. Some people nicknamed this ship"The Floating Museum" . The ship was named after an island named Antikythera.
The Antikythera Wreck
Who found it?
Elias Stadiatis was the first to lay eyes on a shipwreck 45 meters down, who quickly signaled to be pulled to the surface. He described the scene as a heap of rotting corpses and horses lying on the sea bed. Thinking the diver was drunk from the nitrogen in his breathing mix at that depth, Kondos himself dove, soon returning with the arm of a bronze statue. While waiting for the storm to abate the divers retrieved as many small artifacts from the wreck as they could.
My Opinion
I think this is a really interesting shipwreck because there are a lot of things that scientists are stumped on such as the computer that they found. Its supposedly the first computer to be made. Scientists spend billions of dollars each year to find the last couple of pieces to rebuild the computer. Thank you for listening to my presentation!
In October 2014, explorers found tableware, a lead anchor, and a giant bronze spear that may have been part of a statue of a warrior or the goddess Athena. There may be more artifacts not discovered
This is not a real
picture of the
Antykythera ship.
There is no real scientific picture of it.
Why did it sink?

Scientists haven't figured out why the Antykythera Sank.
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