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horse horse

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Sandokan

Emilio Salgari
On the night of 20 December,1849 there is a big storm on the island of Mompracem. Pirates live there. Passed the storm, Yanez, the friend of Sandokan, go to visit his friend. Sandokan ask about to "Pearl of Labuan". In the next morning Sandokan and his pirates go to Labuan. Sandokan tells them where the island.
Chapter 1...
Chapter 2...
Chapter 3...
Sandokan wants to see Marianna, but Yanez wants to go to Labuan. Sandokan wants to attack them . Sandokan wants to take away Marianna. Yanez thinks he is crazy. Sandokan talks with Marianna and knows that she is on the first floor. Then Sandokan was talking with Marianna, but can not because she is a prisoner of his uncle.
Sandokan decides to attack Lord James when he goes Victoria.
They see a soldier towards Victoria. The soldier carried a letter to Lord Guillonk. Sandokan reads the letter. The letter is a warning of danger to Guillonk Lord. Yanez puts the uniform of the soldier and to warn Lord James also wants to warn Yanez Marianna.
Chapter 4...
Yanez's plan
Chapter 6...
Chapter 7...
Two prisioners
Sandokan is in the british ship. Sandokan think a plan. Marianna is going to see Sandokan.
During the day Sandokan kills the hammerhead sark.
The last battle
Sandokan says the battle with Lord James is the latest. He wants to start a new life with Marianna and marry her.
Sandokan, his men and Marianna reach Mompracem and see that the English would destroy the island.
British ships arrive with guns and hundreds of men. The battle begins and Sandokan and his men fight, but lost the battle and leave the island.
By the sea there are two British ships and Sandokan kills Lord Baron, but give a blow to the head and falls to the ground.
Chapter 5...
On the road to Victoria
the retourn to Mompracem
-When Sandokan open his eyes and he finds to a big bedand a beautiful room.
Enters a man there are Lord James Guilionk and Sandokan says: my hy head hurts a lot.
Sandokan says a song of a mandolin, she play a nice of Lord James, lady Marianna is a lady very beautiful.
She lakes play a mandolin because she likes music. Some people say him the Pearl of Labuan and you are beautil and its true.
Sandokan wakes up and lord James comes to see him and invite to go to hunt a dangerous tiger with his friends and Sandokan says yes.
Lord james leaves the room Sandokan go to the windows to see Marianna and she is playing the mandolin.
Sandokan says to Marianna: -I'm going a kill the tiger with a kriss for you! but is dangerous!
Chapter 8...
Off to Java
The Marianna sends a letter to Yanez. Yanez gives a letter to Sandokan. The letter says:

They must save the Marianna. Yanez wants to dress as a soldier and Sandokan stays in the cabin of the boat.
Sandokan was secretly with Mariana. At first Mariana was frightened because Santokan was a pirate, but eventually realized that it was not a bad person.
But when they reached the garden and Lord James made out in Sandokan.
When the forest was Sandokan is Giro-batholith, which says that to Mompracem, has a boat on the beach and Sandokan decides to accompany him. On the way in Sandokan no more think of Marianna.
When they reach Monpracen Yanez tells Sandokan in the battle with the English and who is in love with Marianna.
All that will help decide the next morning and Sadokan come to Labuan.
One of the pirates breeding Sandokar to tell who made a prisoner is an English soldier. In Sadokan says that if he tells what happens to the house of the Lord James loose, and the soldier says Marianna is very sad to be married Baron Rossenta.
In Santokan call their home "immediately go to Labau"
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