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Is Euthanasia Ethical?


Hen C

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Is Euthanasia Ethical?

Is Euthanasia Ethical? EPQ by Henrietta Cook The beginning of my journey After deliberating with many different ideas for a topic, I decided on euthanasia because of the following two reasons:

I wish to study medicine and I am particularly interested in the ethical side as there is no right or wrong answer, it is solely opinion based.
Euthanasia is an interesting topic because of the controversy it causes between religion, the media, the courts, medical profession and the public. Planning and researching Once I decided on my topic, I began to write a detailed plan with aims and objectives. This helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve out of my project. I also produced a timeline with headings for tasks, date hoped to achieve it, and space to write the date actually achieved and comments.

My secondary research into euthanasia began. I used books, websites, newspapers and photographs and also carried out my own primary research in the form of questionnaires and an interview. Writing and time-management I learned a lot about euthanasia and people's opinion of it. My writing began and my word count started to steadily go up and up. The use of case studies were helpful in formulating my own opinion on euthanasia.

I was not able to complete every single task by the date I predicted because of commitments such as RAF Camp and D of E, but constantly referring back to the timeline helped me greatly with my time-management. The end of my journey My conclusion for: Is euthanasia ethical?
Yes, under certain circumstances. I believe that patient choice is the priority and that if someone wants to end their life, a doctor should be able to administer a lethal dose of drug to them, without fear of prosecution.

I found the prospect of writing five thousand words very daunting, but ultimately, I faced the opposite but gratifying problem of writing too much and having to edit the information down. Referencing/footnoting is a new skill that I have gained that will be invaluable for my future studies. Euthanasia "It should be the patient's choice. If they want to die then why not?" "My religion says Thou Shall Not Kill so I think this still applies to euthanasia" "I think euthanasia should be allowed if they are terminally ill" A controversial topic Euthanasia definition: "The termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering." Euthanasia is legal in some countries Why is it not legal in the UK? ..when it is legal for doctors to give patients painkillers that they know can hasten death? Tony Nicklinson had locked-in syndrome ...he later lost his legal battle
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