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Entrepreneur vs Enterprising person

No description

Shekhar Mathur

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Entrepreneur vs Enterprising person

A person that takes risks and organizes resources in order to satisfy needs and wants and start a venture.
Location: BCC - Apollon Fine Mens Wear
Entrepreneur vs Enteprising Person
Made by: Shekhar Mathur and Sasi Egodage
Yoana Francisco
Enterprising Person
Location: Hudson's Bay at BCC, Top floor cosmetic manager.
Enterprising people
work in companies
or for other people.
Enterprising Person
Someone who has the qualities of an Entrepreneur but doesn't want to take the financial risk or spend the time needed to start a venture.
We've learned that entrepreneurs need more than book smarts to start up a successful business.
You don’t need to have a great education to start your own business; you just need patience, optimism and a great business idea. Most enterprising people work fewer hours than entrepreneurs but they put in quite a lot of effort to do the best they can at their profession.Both people are creative, self confident, perceptive, motivated, and hardworking. The difference is the amount of risk they take.
He is 55 years old and started his venture 25 years ago. He is the owner of Apollon Mens Wear which is located at BCC.
We picked John Sinainos as our interviewee because we saw that he showed all the necessary qualities of an entrepreneur. Though he says he did not have a good education he is still a successful business man. This shows that you do not need a good education to be successful as many other entrepreneurs would tell you.
Some entrepreneurial qualities he possessed helped him overcome the challenges he faced; Qualities such as, self confidence, being optimistic, hard working, resourceful, motivated and he was able to spot the right opportunities and take the risks he needed.
Throughout his professional career John was faced with many difficulties but he has overcome them with his will power and entrepreneurial skills.
Strengths and Weaknesses
- People person
good communication skills.

- Time Management Skills (60 hours a week)

- Decision making Skills

- He knows his weaknesses
- Not always the best at English

- Inventory Management
A little unorganized.

- Not that familiar with advanced computers.
She is 35 years old and has been working at Hudson's Bay for an year. She is the Cosmetics Sales manager. Before this she also worked in retail at many different companies. Yoana fits the category of an enterprising person because she has the qualities of an entrepreneur but doesn't wasn't to spend the time and money to be one. Right now she works around 40 hours.
Some traits that make her good at her job would be that she is hardworking, confident, perceptive and creative.
One thing that motivates her to come to work
everyday would be the good customers and
Through this we see that she has the
qualities of an enterprising person.
Strengths and Weaknesses
- Management Skills

- Organized

- Experienced
- Communication Skills
" English is not my first language as I was Born in Cuba".

- Not a risk taker
Advice Given by:
John Sinainos
"You have to love what you do! Never think that you everything, and always be self-driven and honest to yourself"
Yoana Francisco
"You have to have a good attitude because it will affect almost everything you do. "
John Sinainos
What I learned
Through this assignment I learned a couple of important things about business, entrepreneurship and also about myself.
I learned that there is not much money in the clothing and fashion niche in the market as there is already lots of competition. There is a lot of struggle in this line of business. Something I discovered about myself is that I want to be an entrepreneur as I like to take risks and I want to work for myself and be my own boss.
What I learned
Through this assignment, I have learned many things about both being an entrepreneur and being an enterprising person. This allowed me to analysis myself and see the type of person I am. I learned that both lines of work require a lot of hard work, determination, optimism, and sacrifice of some sorts to become successful. What I learned about myself is that I feel more comfortable being an enterprising person rather than an entrepreneur, but I would hope to possibly start up my own company in the future.
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