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A brief history of the Amala Foundation

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Ryan Jordan

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of A brief history of the Amala Foundation

Austin, TX - 2001
A brief history of the...
Amala Foundation is founded by Vanessa Stone to support the first year of Camp Indigo.
1st Annual Camp Indigo: 25 children (ages 4-12), 32 volunteers.
Nigeria - 2004
Vanessa is invited to mediate peace talks between Muslims and Christians.
Amala installs two water wells in Gui Village, protecting 3,500 people (including 2,000 children) from disease.

Amala forms relationships with local schools - the International Peace Exchange Program (ICPEP) is born...

Austin, TX - 2005
Each August, 15 Nigerian youth visit Austin for two weeks of cultural exchange.
International Children's Peace Exchange Program
1st Annual Global Youth Peace Summit
Wimberley, TX - 2007
28 youth representing 5 countries, 35 volunteers.
4 days/3 nights at John Knox Ranch.
Austin, Texas - 2007
Camp Indigo is thriving in its sixth year.
Expanded to one week - serving 60 children, 55 volunteers.
Austin, Texas - 2007
The One Village Project is launched.
4 quarterly youth-led community service projects.
15 youth served first year, 25 volunteers.
Delhi, India - 2007
Vanessa and a couple of volunteers travel to India...
Meet Santosh Singh
He runs a school on the outskirts of Delhi - school is closing due to lack of funds
Amala is moved to respond...
Delhi, India
Each year, approximately 100+ children are educated and given an alternative to child labor and hope for the future.
Bhatti Mines School Partnership
Each Fall or Spring, Amala leads 12 volunteers on a Service Retreat to the school.
Northern California - 2013
Amala launches first Summit outside Texas at Point Reyes National Seashore.
1st Annual California Global Youth Peace Summit

45 youth, 15 countries represented, 47 volunteers.
Austin, TX - 2009
Young Artists In Service Program
Amala launches program for young artists from One Village Project.
Art lessons for under-served children and creation of murals at communities like Austin Children's Shelter and Refugee Services of Texas.
Big Island, Hawaii - 2006
1st Annual Camp Mana
Amala launches weekend camp for under-served children (ages 4-12).
San Quentin, CA - 2011
1st Annual One Village Walk (inside San Quentin Prison)
This unique walk-athon raises money for the Global Youth Peace Summit.
Hundreds of incarcerated men from San Quentin walk alongside 40 Amala community members.
Austin, TX - 2015
15th Annual Camp Indigo
4 weeks, 275+ youth served, 150+ volunteers
Austin & California Global Youth Peace Summits

140+ youth representing 30+ different countries, 130+ volunteers.
9th Annual One Village Project

Rise Up: bi-monthly Youth Leadership Development Program
Monthly Youth-Led Service Projects
Fall, Winter & Spring Camping Retreats
2015 Financials
Budget = $560,000.00
3 full time and 3 part time staff
Sanctuary Yoga + Event Space Rentals cover overhead, dollar-for-dollar donations go to our youth programs.
Summit Costs = $60,000-$65,000
80% of youth on scholarship
Grants: Glimmer of Hope, Shanti Foundation, Burdine Johnson Foundation, City of Austin
And Beyond...
We still need to raise $25,000 by December 1st, 2015, in order to host our first international Global Youth Summit in Meru, Kenya.
Debt Free!
Get Involved...
Volunteer - "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Gandhi
Help spread the word!
Give a one time gift or become a monthly donor.
Austin, TX - 2013
One Village Music Project is born!
17 youth and 13 volunteers
1 week of rehearsal and recording... 8 songs.
Album released on iTunes in March 2014
Meru, Kenya - 2015
Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit
Israel/Palestine - 2017
Israel/Palestine Global Youth Peace Summit
2015 Impact
Over 1000 youth served representing 30+ countries.
500+ volunteers - over 100 volunteers served more than 80 hours in 2014.
Young Artists In Service Mural at Austin Children's Shelter
3 Amala Foundation staff and one Board Member visited Israel in November 2014 to scout for a possible Global Youth Peace Summit.
The delegation met with 24 youth organizations and several potential venues.
Austin, TX - 2015
Diversity Leadership Conference
Amala asked to lead the 4th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference
132 students from 16 Austin area middle schools
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